Do I Get Three Wishes? {Lamp Trials and Tribulations}

As I mentioned in a post days ago, I purchased some rockin’ lamps for our new nightstands. I was waiting ever so patiently for their arrival (checking the tracking numbers over and over again). So, shouldn’t be surprising, I was super underwhelmed. I don’t even think that UNDERWHELMED is an appropriate description. I built up these lamps in my mind as the perfect solution to our lighting/nightstand dilemma. I should have known, buying things online, that they aren’t guaranteed. I went with the measurements provided, thinking that they really only meant that the base would be 15 inches tall. Boy was I wrong. Though the lamps are BEAUTIFUL, they are 15 inches tall total, including the shades. And man oh man, did they look silly on the nightstands next to the monster sized bed.


Even with the lamp being in the foreground and the chair being in the background, can you see how small these things are?


I thought that if I got different, more substantial shades, we could get away with the tiny lamps. Then, I bought the wrong shades. The shades I got required a harp, these lamps don’t have harps. So I thought I could take apart the lamps, add the necessary harp holder, and put the lamp back together. Well these lamps didn’t have the requisite screws to TAKE apart the lamps. So I’ve scrapped these as nightstand lamps entirely.

Now, I know you’re asking yourself, “Ashley, why didn’t you just send them back?” Not to mention the fact that it’s a pain in my patootie, I would end up paying more to ship them back and return them, so I’d rather keep them and cut my losses. So I’ve changed my tune a bit. I took the one of lamps and put it in my new office. You can see it positioned on my desk in my previous post. The other is on S’s dresser as a small side lamp. I’m guessing this is where they will stay for the time being. I took back an old lamp that used to be in a guest room, put the larger shade with the harp on it, and it looks pretty good. I’ll update with a picture later, if I can get myself to do it!

I really wanted a glass lamp for the side tables, instead of a chrome lamp, but for right now it will do. We have a TJ Maxx opening locally, and I haven’t checked some of my favorite haunts to see if I can find another option. We’ll just have to see what cheap lamp options come my way.


So what’s the moral of this story friends? Don’t buy lamps online, no matter how cute or cheap they are (or if you have gift cards for the website)!





The Little Things {Ch-Ch-Changes}

I’m on a blogging roll!

So, as I wrote about in my last post, we’ve received a “new to us” loveseat for free. This required a room shift and a rearrange. Plus, it was an excuse for me to try and accessorize our family room a bit more. Remember when I wrote about my furniture placement ADD? It’s amazing that I hadn’t moved the furniture in that room to begin with, but let’s be real. There are a lot of wires and connections for the TV, Blu Ray, DVD, Cable, Xbox, etc..etc.. that I was not about to fiddle with for fear of ruining something. Though, leaving the tv where it is, I was able to move some things around on my own.

I had searched for the dimensions of the loveseat online before we picked it up and had a general idea of where I would like it to go, so I set up the room and moved some of the furniture. I had to scoot the couch over to make room for the depth of the loveseat, which shifted the two chairs, army chest, and side tables. I had originally planned to sell my cute mid-century modern tiled table, but I just can’t seem to let it go.

Tiled table’s new home.

It now has a happy home next to the couch. And remember that doll house furniture from my king-sized post? It’s made it’s way downstairs to be the other side table for our couch.

Side tables anchoring the couch and…what else do you see? Some beautiful lamps!

Our bedroom is now sans nightstand and lamps, but it was definitely worth the trouble. I love that the lampshades coordinate with the pillows and the curtains. Now the lamps are actually being used and the nightstand has a fifth life (it started in my dorm room 4 years ago as a refrigerator stand). Plus, now that I’ve totally flubbed the dye job for the new loveseat, the pacific blue covers that are being shipped will look great with everything else. And even in my OCD world, I actually really like that the side tables don’t match. Maybe I’m mellowing out? Doubtful but a girl can dream, can’t she?




PS- I REALLY appreciate those of you that read this. It makes me so excited, I just can’t handle it 🙂