A Porch to be Proud Of {Updating our Deck Furniture}

Hey everyone,

 If you remember MONTHS and MONTHS ago, we used to have all our deck furniture in a deep red. And though, I’m always partial to that color, I wanted to update the deck and give it a real face lift. Plus, the spray paint I used didn’t adhere well to the old, vinyl straps. So after two years, it was peeling pretty horribly.

So originally, I decided to paint the table and chairs in a bright blue. Scott wasn’t happy with the thought of MORE BLUE in the house, or around the house for that matter, so I decided to mix it up.


Can’t go wrong with a bright blue! Can go wrong with spray painting while the outdoor unit of your HVAC is on (sorry dude). I painted the table and two chairs blue and the other two chairs went bright green.


A little blue, a little green. What perky colors to see through our kitchen window!

These colors matched the plant stands I painted a few weeks ago, which made the whole deck look like a cohesive space. Plus, my grandmother gifted us a fun and funky umbrella for the deck, which also incorporated all the colors and more! I’m still searching for an orange color to repaint our white plant stand. It needs a little perk. But with our happy new window boxes that hang off the deck and all the flowers in full summer bloom, I think our deck looks pretty good!


See! Even Truman is satisfied with the changes.





Landscaping Fail {Then Fix}

So I have this list. Call it my “summer vacation projects list.” One of the many things that you will find on this list is the need to landscape the back corner of our yard. It’s just plain sad to look at. We have a pretty maple tree in the back corner and what I thought was the perfect bed to add some greenery and flowers. Boy was I wrong.

See? Just so sad. And empty.

I’m not sure how those random bags got there, or even how they blew into the yard, but they were the first to go. I spent a good amount of time clearing out the leaves, moss, weeds, and other random things from that corner so it was ready to plant.

It’s just begging for some extra life!

I set up my phone to play some jams and get me in the working mood and got down to it. I had already planned to make an arc of five hostas around the front of the tree, so I set out to dig those holes! Luckily, hostas are pretty hardy, so they didn’t need a huge hole (only about 3-4 inches down). This is where I encountered my first issue. This perfectly formed, waiting to be taken advantage of bed, was not so perfect after all. That whole thing is the root ball of our lovely maple tree. No matter where I dug, roots. Roots, roots, roots. I was breaking through little roots, trying to dig under them to still make the whole and hope for the best, but to no avail. When I did find a couple spaces to make a hole, I wasn’t pleased to find out that the builders of our development had actually just filled in our yard with backfill (clay, pebbles, rock–not so good for plant life). No wonder this corner didn’t have any life to it, it was a hostile environment!

And so it sat. For several hours. Well, really, overnight. I called my grandmother (the gardener) to explain the situation and she completely understood, but she had a backup plan. We’d build up the flower bed with new soil, thus having a happy place to plant the greenery I had dreamed about for that corner. So after she came and went through the same process (trying to dig holes, trying to find any spot that would work to no avail), we started breaking apart the top soil with the shovel just to make sure that the roots would eventually be able to penetrate it. Then we added the bag of soil she brought and started planting the hostas and the one fern that I had. It looked pretty good as we admired our hard work being watered.

Looking better, though not done.

She suggested that I run over to LOWES, one of my favorite places and constant stops, to get some more bags of dirt and fill in the rest so that we can continue to plant. So that I did! And actually, maybe because of the contrast with the new dirt, I’m already WAY more happy about how the corner looks. Though it just took (just, HA!) six 40 lb. bags of dirt, it was worth it.


Getting there!

So, hopefully, by the end of this week I’ll have a landscaping update. I’m planning on filling the spaces with a ground cover, adding two BIG hostas in the back, plus an Autumn bride in the back corner. If I can find some landscaping stones for cheap, or free, then I will edge the bed with those. I’m just so much happier that we don’t have a desolate corner filled with dead leaves, bags, and…well…Truman (gross!).


So? What are your thoughts? Ever have a landscaping job not work out for you? What struggles did you find beautifying your yard?