Dye-It-Yourself {Updating a Loveseat}

Meet Lilli, our new loveseat.

I picked up this great IKEA loveseat for free a few days ago. It has four cushions, which sadly were covered by some awful maroon/burgundy-ish colored slip covers. I though that this would be a perfect opportunity to try out my dying skills. Enter several boxes of RIT.

Rit, Rit, Rit.

The pink boxes are Rit’s color corrector/remover product. I was hopeful that this product would work well enough that I wouldn’t have to try and bleach the fabric. Unfortunately, it really only made it a gross muddy brown color instead.

See? BLEH.

So, I decided to go the bleach route. I added probably TOO much bleach, but…well…did you SEE that color in the picture above? It’s bad. And I was desperate. So I added a significant amount of bleach and ran the covers through the wash again. And…

Now we have salmon.

I figured that this was the closest I would be getting to pure white so I should move along with the process. The directions to dye in the washing machine are right on the box and easy to understand.

See? The directions are right there!

I got all my materials together (salt, dye, measuring cup, detergent, boiling water) and got to work.

Prepped and ready to go.

I added the dye mixture to the water in the washing machine, let it agitate, then added the covers flat. I tried my best to follow the directions exactly and I was SO excited when I looked in to check on the process and saw this.

Blue! Its all blue!

Blue! Its all blue!

But then, after completing all the steps and rinsing the covers until the water ran clear, we ended up with lavender sofa covers. What a bummer. I had a feeling that it might happen, because I wasn’t starting with perfect white covers, but still. It was so exciting in the washing machine! Ugh. What a bummer.

The tag is blue? Is it mocking me?!

Luckily, this diy dye attempt only cost about 6 dollars total, because the boxes aren’t more than $2. But what a stinker, I really wanted it to work! Oh well, I did have a back up plan should I royally screw it up. I’ve ordered fancy, gorgeous “pacific” blue covers. And because Lilli is discontinued, I was able to track them down for way cheaper than we would have ever bought them for at IKEA. So, all in all, sort of a score?



PS- When dying in a washing machine, make sure to follow EVERY SINGLE DIRECTION. This includes the cleaning up afterwards. To make sure you don’t ruin your next load of laundry, you must run an empty load with bleach and detergent immediately. It’s best to just run two or three cycles of the highest water setting to be safe. Your agitator may stay a bit tinted whatever color you use but this will not hurt the clothes.

PPS- For those of you that are familiar with our downstairs family room, you’ll notice that the light colored wood (birch-ish) is not anything like the rest of the furniture we have down in that room. Needless to say, this will be stained to fit in better with the rest of the room. Look forward to my future few posts about my staining attempts!


2 thoughts on “Dye-It-Yourself {Updating a Loveseat}

  1. BUMMER! but good effort…i suppose that is quite a dark color to try to cover up…you probably only could have got it to go black maybe. I’m sure your new slipcovers will work wonderfully and the staining will go better than the dying

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