A Kitchen Problem {Not Quite Solved}

So I wrote MONTHS (ugh, how does time fly) ago about our dishwasher debacle and how stressful just switching appliances had been. We did, eventually, get our brand new LG dishwasher in and I wanted to make sure to give … Continue reading

Market Days and Fleas {Rummaging through MD and VA}

Hey all!

Just a quick post because I really should be getting back to my list of “to-do’s” for this week. I had a GREAT day on Saturday, full of searching and finding some gorgeous pieces that I wish I had the space for. I left a lot behind but got a lot of interesting ideas and my wish list continues to grow. We started our day at Chartreuse’s Market Days (you can find more pictures and information here). There were many tempting wares to feast our eyes on!


My mom asked why I would consider buying a big boy like this. Answer? Because it would look AWESOME in my beachy office. I didn’t end up buying him this time around but I keep thinking about him.



I’m a sucker for typography. This would be great on our fence for the backyard. I love the colors, the rust, and the font.



I’m just now re-reading the price tag on these iron pieces. I am now regretting leaving them there. They would have been great, painted in a bright color to match one of our rooms or black and put onto the wall going up the stairwell. And a vintage, one-of-a-kind pair for $18? Man, kicking myself.



I was immediately drawn to this large glass jar. The beauty of the color as well as the unusual size was AMAZING.



My mother thought this might be a solution for her kitchen nook problems. She walked away without it, though I still think it’s photo worthy. I loved the glass doors.



Hello, vintage! This guy was in the “project barn.” He’d be a great addition to a shelf collage or a birthday gift for the music aficionado.



For what it is, it may have been a bit expensive ($29). But I absolutely adore the color and the storage. If this is there next time, I’m snatching it up. The problem is, what you see once may be gone by the next time. I really have to get better about just buying sometimes!



MMM. Green glass. The little bubbles and the different shapes were super charming. Not quite the right green for our bedroom, though.



Future project alert! My lovely friend reminded me that I could quite easily get this look done on my own. So look out for a future rope wrapping tutorial! And you know what is so great? Sometimes, the best things that come out of these trips are the ideas and inspirations, not just the goodies purchased.



I’m a sucker for a good owl pun. This vendor hand paints all her window and glass pieces. They’re just fantastic. She also had several nautical versions, which may need to come home with me.



I had no room for these but I just couldn’t help taking a picture. These would be GREAT for someone with a “man cave” or bar. I can just see them leaning behind a bar. It’s such a shame that someone painted over the original Old Export Beer ad.


But this was a busy weekend, full of not only Chartreuse and Co’s market days, but also The Old Lucketts Store’s Design House! Again, so many beautiful things, not enough space to put them in my house!



The coral was just too beautiful to not sneak a picture. I can only hope to get a few pieces for my office or really anywhere in the house.






There was a much larger collection outside of Old Lucketts Store but I really liked this part of the group. The manicured bushes and cement planters are so classically beautiful, I just wish I had a larger yard.



One- I love cubbies, especially ones with history. Two- the color of these cubbies is just divine. I need them. I must have them.



I have an obsession with mirrors; this is something I cannot deny. But this cluster is great for a few reasons. One- each mirror is a different shape. Two- the odd number is pleasing to the eye (no really!). Three- don’t they remind you of…driftwood?


I did end up taking home two small candlesticks, but otherwise I left empty handed. I am now regretting that decision! So many beautiful options. Thanks Chartreuse and Co and Old Lucketts Store! You made a great Saturday search day!





PS- What’s coming up next? A seashell wreath for our front door, rope wrapped home decor, and more framing projects. Stay tuned!

On Display, On Display, On Display {Shadowboxes for the Office}

Why hello there!

Can it be? I’m posting multiple times in one week? Who would have thought. It must mean I’m on a break or something (Happy Passover/Easter!)…

Anyway, in my previous post I mentioned some tutorials for wall decor and art for a beachy office. By now you should have checked out my post on making metallic seashells (but if you haven’t, you can find it here). My next task is to show you how I made some awesome shadowboxes for a sea star, sand dollar, sea biscuit, and a couple urchins.

First things first, my supplies. Unfortunately, sea biscuits and other sea creatures are not made equally (or proportionally). I found several affordable shadowboxes at our local Michaels. They were originally $9.99 a piece, but marked down to 40% off. What I love about Michaels is that they STILL take your coupons on top of the already marked down price. I just happened to have a 25% off frame and shadowbox purchases, so I added that discount onto the already marked down prices. This means I ended up with three awesome shadowboxes for the price of one and a half (about $14). I was so happy with my purchase, but they came with meh black backgrounds. Typically, I love the black-white contrast, but with a beachy theme, it’s a bit too stark.

See? Loads of contrast. Too much for what I'm going for in the room, perfect for other places in our house. It needed to change.

See? Loads of contrast. Too much for what I’m going for in the room, perfect for other places in our house. It needed to change.

The next supply necessary, if you so choose to change the background, is a fabric, paper, or background design you would like to add to your shadowbox. I chose a burlap. I thought it would be very easy to find some cheap burlap at our fabric store, but boy was I wrong. Apparently no one wants to wear scratchy, itchy burlap. Possibly because it may look like a sack? Who knows. What I did find, at a little bit higher of a price, were scrap-booking sheets of burlap that are intended to be page backgrounds. They were about $3 a page, but fortunately on sale for a little more than $2 a sheet. I bought three and also picked up some more shadowboxes. I quickly learned that one shadowbox may fit a flat sand dollar, or even a skinny sea star, but not a sea biscuit or armored sea star. Bummer. Why don’t the shadowbox companies PLAN for these things? Sheesh. So I picked up a few more shadowboxes, which also happened to be on sale at our local JoAnn’s.

After I pulled out my trusty glue gun, a pair of scissors, and my purchased supplies, I got to work. Some of you may have seen this lovely Vine video which included a quick cut of the process.

First, take apart the shadowbox, you can use the backing of the box to cut your burlap/paper. Cut around the edges, making sure that you don’t have TOO much extra around the sides. This will cause your burlap/paper to be wavy and not flat against the backing. That will make it just look messy and you don’t want to do that! Heat up the glue gun, it’s time to go to work. Glue each of the four corners directly to the backing, making sure to not leave room for waves, wrinkles, or the like. Then, center your object (if you so choose to have it centered), making sure it fits proportionally when the shadowbox is reassembled.



For the items that had natural holes in the back, I used both push pins and tacks to hold it in place. I also used a liberal amount of hot glue to attach the objects to the burlap. Let it dry completely and if you’re a daredevil (as I am, obviously), give your backing with the object a gentle shake to make sure it’s fully attached. Worse case scenario, you’ve got a flying sea biscuit. Best case scenario, you’ve glued and anchored PERFECTLY and it will not fall in your awesome shadowbox. Once you’ve done this quick test, place the backing back onto the shadowbox, wiggle until you can anchor all of the back brackets and enjoy your hard work.

Why hello sea biscuit! You will be beautiful on my future office wall.

Why, hello there sea biscuit! You will be beautiful on my future office wall.

Seriously, this project should only take you about 10 minutes. I may have had some missteps (sorry pink urchin, you were a good one), but it took me less than 10 minutes to accomplish the whole project and I made 4.

On the left, a pencil sea star. On the right, a sea biscuit.

On the left, a pencil sea star. On the right, a sea biscuit. Just a little detail shot.

The gang's all here! Pencil sea star, urchins, sea biscuit, and sand dollar.

The gang’s all here! Pencil sea star, urchins, sea biscuit, and sand dollar.

Fortunately, the things featured in the shadowbox were mostly free because they’re from nature (except for the urchin and the pencil sea star). The shadowboxes cost about $25 and the burlap around $8. Overall, I probably spent under $40 for this project and I still have one more shadowbox to fill. So, I call it a success and a step in the right, beachy-office direction!


A Plan Full of Sand {Redoing My Office}

Hey all,

Maybe it was the beach trip, or my obsession with the sea, but I’ve finally decided what to do with my office. I’ve been working on different little projects to use in my office (like the seashells), and I’ve decided to go nautical for my office. It’s comforting, casual, and a perfect style for a small room like my office. I’ve even gone so far as to make a Pinterest board with ideas. Here are a few of my pinned ideas, some of which may have to wait until I have plenty of time to devote to the cause.


These frames are very driftwood inspired. They’d look great with either some nature shots from the beach or just happy snapshots. Plus, the prices aren’t awful for great frames (at Target: $16.99 for the large, $12.99 for the small). 



This might be taking it a bit too literally, but I love the shape of these ceramic replica urchins. They suggest using these as candle holders, but I think they would look great on my white desk with pencils and markers (Target again, thanks Threshold, $16.99 for the big, $5.99 for the small).



A little sea glass never hurt anyone, right? The color might not be right for these guys, but I definitely like the style and shape. Maybe if they were just plain, clear glass (Target, $19.99 and $14.99).



Might not be completely beach inspired but here me out. I love peg boards and pin boards, obviously. I also love a subtle chevron and Nate Berkus. So a couple of these on a wall will add texture and interest to my ever full idea wall.



Another possibly too literal beach-themed option. I found this urchin lamp at TjMaxx for $30. He’s adorable and I love the burlap-textured lampshade. I didn’t buy him, but I am getting a twinge of regret for not taking him with me.


Screen shot 2013-03-30 at 10.49.55 AM

I might have to do a treatment of white, peeling paint on some of the furniture in my office. Make it look more weathered and aged by the sea.


The biggest change for the office will be the wall color. It's currently a sad, dirty green from the previous owners. This is the perfect shade of blue-green, San Clemente Teal 730 (Benjamin Moore).

The biggest change for the office will be the wall color. It’s currently a sad, dirty green from the previous owners. This is the perfect shade of blue-green, San Clemente Teal 730 (Benjamin Moore).

So, too themey? Maybe. But you don’t have to work there, I do! And I always seem to find peace by the sea. That means an office with a sea theme is in my future. What do you think? Plus, I may have already started some sea themed projects for the room-to-be…you’ll just have to wait for the tutorial on those!