New Year, New Post {Welcome to 2014}

Hey everyone! I hope that 2014 is treating you well! Thanksgiving and Christmas were lovely. We saw lots of family, got together with many friends, and had a wonderful time. I have big hopes for 2014 and what it might bring. … Continue reading

Guest Bedroom Re-Do {Crisp Khaki Obsession}

So, shocker of the century, I painted another room.

The last few weeks it’s been brought to my attention that I adore only a few colors in my decorating. More specifically, everything is either blue or green. This is not TOTALLY true, but its not entirely false either. So, when I happened upon a GLORIOUS color of blue, the perfect dynamic blue to paint our master bedroom, I realized that we would then have four blue rooms in our house (not counting the blue green of my office). And that is a bit silly, if I do say so myself.  Which got me to thinking: if I really loved this dynamic blue color and it was really worth the sacrifice, maybe I could make some extra projects out of it!

Enter, the guest bedroom. This room wasn’t ever painted by us. We just left the cute powdery blue from the previous owners. It originally was a child’s bedroom, so it was a great soft color for a guest bedroom. Plus, as I mentioned, I coordinate pretty well with blue and green. But because we’d never painted it, I figured it would be the first room to change. And you know what, there were parts of the walls that were a bit dirty. Parts that even a magic eraser couldn’t remove from the wall.  SO YOU KNOW IT NEEDED SOME LOVE.

This little project was easily knocked out in a day. I ran over to my favorite place, LOWES, and picked out some samples that I thought might work.


UGH. I was completely wrong in that regard. I thought the top would paint and dry more tan, less muddy. NOPE. The bottom color ended up way more yellow and buttery than I expected. And then I remembered…


Ahhh, crisp khaki. The color my parents used to make their previous home more neutral. It's just the right shade of tan.

I still had that lovely Benjamin Moore fan deck. Ahhh, crisp khaki. This is the color my parents used to make their previous home more neutral. It’s just the right shade of tan and a perfect shade for a guest bedroom.

So a gallon of paint and a roll of blue painters tape later (plus an afternoon), we now officially have a crisp khaki guest bedroom. Which, truthfully, played nicely with the bedding, green mirror, and even the black of the frames on the wall and the desk/side table. And, well…it did allow me to insert a vintage green lamp into the mix as well (which is not in the picture, unfortunately). Might as well spice it up with accessories, right?!

So...dare I say it? CRISP!

So…dare I say it? CRISP! I love that the colors really pop and don’t have to fight with the wall color. Plus, look at that glorious light coming in the window!

And yes, you can say I’m obsessed. Because once I painted this room, I realized I could also paint our master bath (which WAS blue) and it would look fantastic. But that’s another blog for another day…

Do you have a color you’re obsessed with and how did you manage said obsession?



Where Have You Been {All My Life}? A Blog Update

Oh man, I’m so sorry (not for the Rihanna reference, though. It’s bound to get stuck in your head like it is in mine). I just checked into my blog and realized I’ve left it alone for far too long! It’s been since August! How can that even be…

Either way, there’s been a lot going on over here. I’ve gotten through many different projects, which I’ve only really teased on my Instagram. I’ll hopefully get to posting all about them in the next few days. No more excuses!


And so, without further ado, my first project post since August.


One of my projects on my summer list included renting one of those massive carpet cleaners and doing a little DIY cleaning around the house. I’m not thrilled to have inherited off white carpeting in two thirds of our house, but for right now it’s what we have to live with and so I have to make do. I had a bit of time off from school so I headed over to one of my favorite places on earth, LOWES, and picked up my very own rented carpet cleaner. I decided to use the heavy duty cleaner with it because I assumed that they would really need some deep cleaning.

Boy was I right. I mean, come on, we’re not gross over here in this household but goodness the color of the water that came out of the dirty bin. YUCK!

But the project was surprisingly simple! I was so pleased with myself and how bright the carpets dried.  The rental was for 24 hours and I was able to get all the rooms cleaned and dried in that time. In fact, I turned the cleaner in almost 24 hours on the dot. So, needless to say, I didn’t flood the house or ruin the carpets. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed the beautiful, clean smell around the house and the lack of dirt stains for several weeks. Now, I’m wondering how often I need to do this without disliking myself greatly. Though, after lugging that machine around for several hours, my arms and legs felt awesome. It is certainly a work out carrying that machine up and down two flights of stairs.


So there you have it, I’m back and ready for more blogging! What have you all been up to? Any fun projects? Ideas?




Flea Market Finds with Matthew Mead {Book Review}

Hey all,

Now that the summer is winding down, I’m trying to quickly tackle all of my design books before I return to the daily grind of teaching. This week’s read was Flea Market Finds with Matthew Mead. He’s written several holiday decor themed books, but Flea Market Finds presents more as a bookazine than an actual decor book. It contains work completed by Matthew himself, but also his designer friends. Though there are not many fleshed out DIY projects within the pages, there is plenty of eye candy to fawn over.


The cover even pulls you in. Look at that milk glass and the greens/blues. Aren't you already in love?

The cover even pulls you in. Look at that milk glass and the greens/blues. Aren’t you already in love?

Each tip is given as a vignette, explaining different ideas and color schemes that work well in rooms. Each section has a main theme (like Mid-Century Matthew) and includes some description of what you’re looking at in the pictures. He also includes tips for how to place different pieces and collections to showcase their true beauty. Here are some of my favorites from the book:


Okay, so brass and gold are slowly returning to my repertoire. I’ve always been leery of using it in different rooms, but this spread explains how to use gold leaf.


Shock of the century? I picked the page that is all green and blue. Plus, who can really say no to a vintage globe. That set of drawers was a thrifting find that was painted and updated!

Shock of the century? I picked the page that is all green and blue. Plus, who can really say no to a vintage globe. That set of drawers was a thrifting find that was painted and updated!



Is that coral? WHY YES IT IS. See? It doesn’t have to be overtly beachy but can still have a relaxing vibe. I love the monochromatic tans and browns. But really, keeping that room clean seems nearly impossible. I do adore all the seaside finds though…


So, this book was great for a quick look through, a wetting of the palette you could say. It only gives you basic ideas for your own DIY. I would consider this more of an inspiration board type of book, rather than a how-to guide. I loved the ideas and the colors, but it wasn’t completely what I expected. However, if you need some inspiration or just want to oogle some lovely interior pictures, pick this sucker up!