New Year, New Post {Welcome to 2014}

Hey everyone!

I hope that 2014 is treating you well! Thanksgiving and Christmas were lovely. We saw lots of family, got together with many friends, and had a wonderful time. I have big hopes for 2014 and what it might bring. I’m hoping this blog will be brimming with many new things happening! Part of my “resolution” for the year includes trying to keep this blog at least up to date. This will be a task if you look back at my most recent post (I’m sorry, it’s been months!). Anyway, that’s neither here nor there. I’m back to give you a quick project tutorial.

This fall, my cousin got married! Before the wedding, while I was attending her bridal shower, I was eye-balling some gorgeous wrapping paper. Of course, I gushed over the paper to a few ladies at the shower, so it came up that I might want her to be extra careful unwrapping…so that I could take it home! This paper was super cute and different from what I expected. It was thicker, think wallpaper, and had texture to its pattern. The colors were metallic neutrals, almost tan/beige plus some silver. The pattern was reminiscent of an eyelet fabric. So, I was in love. And of course, I took it home with the hopes of using it for something awesome.

After the shower and upon receiving this beautiful paper, I realized: I could make something for the newly married couple with the paper! So, I set off to my local JoAnns. I decided on a large letter so that they could use it in their new place together. Upon purchasing the large ‘H’ and some paint, I headed home to get to work. I first used the back of the letter like a stencil, tracing around it onto the back of the paper. I purposefully made my tracing a bit larger than the letter so that I could trim down instead of having it be too small for the letter. After I did this, I carefully cut out the letter.

I then set to painting the letter. Unfortunately, I wasn’t a huge fan of the original paint job (I didn’t even take a picture for proof). It just clashed with the paper and wasn’t at all what I thought. So, with my trusty can of metallic spray paint, I covered the letter in a silver spray. After a few coats and turns, I covered all sides of the letter. This way, it would blend directly into the paper. After its much needed drying time, I set to work gluing on the paper to the front of the letter. This ended up being a bit trickier than I expected. I used mod podge (shocking) and it adhered pretty well to the letter. It did require extra around the edges. I think the trickiest part was not only making sure that you lined up the paper correctly, but that you didn’t leave any bubbles under the paper that would cause ripples on the finished product. After a few tweaks here and there, I was pretty satisfied with the outcome.

Pretty nice right? I love that paper. I wonder where its from...

Pretty nice right? I love that paper. I wonder where its from…

Once it was complete done, I had to take it in to be shipped (which was funny on its own). But it made it there and the H is displayed in my cousin’s place! So really, this was a fun and easy project. It didn’t take long at all, not counting the drying time. It only requires a couple supplies (letter, paint, paper, mod podge), so pretty straight forward all around! I’m sure you could use all different kinds of paper to do this! Anyone else tried anything similar?

So, here’s to the new year full of many more blog posts!




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