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Jazzing Up a Bookcase {$6 Project}

After spending all that time moving around the furniture in the kitchen and into my new office, I wanted to give my tiny bookcase a little pizzaz. I took a quick trip to HomeGoods with my mom last week and picked up this awesome shelf liner but I wasn’t sure when I would use it. All I knew was: this is an awesome pattern AND its black and white. Needless to say, it had to be mine.

30 sq. feet of lining in an awesome pattern? No brainer!

So a couple days ago, I got to work and made a quick project out of sprucing up an old bookcase. After clearing off all our cookbooks and little trinkets, I measured and cut the top lining to fit in the back of the shelf and got to work. It’s pretty simple to do. The backing of the shelf liner has a grid, so cutting straight, even lines is easy to do. Plus, measuring doesn’t always require much work. Pulling the backing off from the top, lining up the corners, you just have to make sure to go slow and push out any of the air bubbles that get under your lining.

First one done!

So with one down, and quickly building confidence, I knocked out this project quick.

Number two, done!

And all three are done! Looky, looky, doesn’t she look snazzy now. I like that the pattern mimics the scalloping on the top of the shelf.

All put back together and awesome. Oh, and yes, I did switch the white cork board for the black magnet board. The magnet board is taller and thinner, so it covers all the ugly switches and wires for the phone. Plus its way more convenient for messages and such right next to the phone.

And, in true Ashley form, one project quickly leads into another project. I decided that because I still had a roll and a half of this liner and because the packaging said it could be wiped down, why not line the cabinet drawers with the left-over? Make everything a little bit more matchy-matchy.

Now even the drawers look good!

And after completing this activity with four drawers, I still have a full roll of liner left. Anyone in need of some awesome, patterned liner? Or have a cool idea for another project? I’m open to ideas!



PS- This project, including doing the drawers, only took 45 minutes. So $6 and 45 minutes later, our drawers and kitchen bookshelf get an upgrade!