Don’t Stop Me Now {Even With Travel Plans}

Hey all,

So as some of you have seen, via twitter/facebook/instagram, I still felt the need to craft while packing for vacation. After taking down those sad, small ring paintings above our bed and replacing them with the awesomeness that is this project, I just couldn’t stand re-hanging them somewhere different. Most everything in our room has evolved and changed since our new bed came into the picture. Everything really, except those two paintings.

So when I bought the fabric for the big project, I couldn’t let go of a much-to-small fragment that wouldn’t work for the original planned project. I had originally seen it in JoAnn’s and thought I would use it for the larger bedroom project, but it was only barely a yard and not nearly wide enough for what I wanted it to be. I also couldn’t figure out how to use it anywhere else but I needed to take it with me because of the fun pattern and colors.

When I brought it home and completed the other project, I realized that I COULD use the other unknown fabric for an update. I could recover those lovely, but passed off, ring paintings. So as you will see in this Vine video, I first measured about an inch all the way around the frame. This way I had plenty to stretch and staple down to the frame and no worries that it was too short. I stretched and stapled the fabric directly to the framing of the canvas. I tried my best to cut and stretch so that they would look great together and almost (or as close as I can get) to continuous. Because it was a canvas, it does have to cover the sides. So the perfect, continuous look is just a bit off. This project took me less than ten minutes and because I already owned the canvases, it really only cost me the price of the fabric ($9.99 plus tax). Quick fix and fun to look at!

I think it goes perfectly directly across from the new, large art piece above the bed. Plus it fills a dead space above our tv, which is always nice.

I think it goes perfectly directly across from the new, large art piece above the bed. Plus it fills a dead space above our tv, which is always nice.

And there you have it! Even in a “I have to finish everything before I leave” stressed situation, I still HAD to do these and put them up before I left. Enjoy!




Enter Willingly {Updating the Foyer}

Hey all,

Man, for being silent an entire week, I’m really on a blogging roll. If you follow my instagram feed, you’ll know that I added a few things to the entryway in our house. Here are the few, quick changes…

$12 Umbrella stand!

Are you surprised? He’s an owl. No one should be shocked at this point. What should surprise you is the price he was, considering how much they’ve been going online and at West Elm. I’ve loved many an owl umbrella stand from afar, only to be discouraged by their $75+ price tags. This guy was hidden in our local Restore Store and marked at only $12! Plus, instead of just being an ivory┬áporcelain owl, he also has cute, painted eyes. His eyes are the perfect color for our entryway decor. At the same store, I also found a $5 ceiling medallion, perfect to add to my ever growing medallion wall.

Shocker of the century, I went with green. I figured it would coordinate with the bench, colors in my mother’s print, and the eyes of the newly added owl umbrella stand.

And man, I was right! I’m still looking for one more smaller medallion to paint and place, so that it’s an odd number, but it’s AAAAAALMOST put together in the entryway.

Enter here!

So what’s left for this little nook in our house? A quickly whipped up bench cushion for a storage box which sits under our coat rack and another medallion. After that, it’s all set! What a happy little space to come into everyday!



Little projects {cause room rearrange}


Hello all,

I went out the other day, just intending to get some supplies for some more no-sew pillows, but because I was out, I figured, why not stop at all my favorite spots.

At one of the goodwills in town, I found a nice, old mirror. It was in ugly shape, gold frame (bleh) and pretty dirty.

I may have passed on it, because I’d still need to clean it up and it was $15, but it was the weekly color so it was half off! Plus, with S’s color approval, I already had some paint left over from my bench project, so I didn’t need to buy anymore to redo this sad mirror!

I brought this happy little one home, cleaned up her glass, covered her with some paper (which nicely slid between the frame and the glass, so no tape needed) and got to work.

I painted the frame with two coats of the green and voila! A new life for the frame.

I’ve always thought that the cool silver frame we had in there just didn’t fit. We bought it as a mantle mirror, so it was WAY too big for a small guest bedroom. This green guy fits right on the wall and now helps my super cute bench pop just a bit more.

What do you think? This project only $7+tax for the mirror. It also only took me about a half hour to clean the mirror, cover, paint, and hang (after it dried two hours outside). Pretty nice payoff I think.