Well Draped {New Curtains for Rooms}

Well, I did it. I did what I drooled over for many months.

If you follow my Pinterest boards, you will have seen some beautifully colorful curtains (Jeanette) from IKEA on my wish list board. I didn’t end up getting the curtains per-say, but I did get a very generous gift card from my parents. The original intent was to use the card to buy a couple new cabinet doors for the kitchen. But in true Ashley-form, I bought two doors, spent the gift card, got home AND the doors didn’t fit. I measured horribly wrong. The doors were about an inch too short. So, they needed to go back, my hopes dashed.

And then I realized. This meant I could get my curtains! My fun, happy, colorful curtains! But wait, would they match our newer comforter? It had green and blue hues as well, but they were in a different family. Windfall (or inadvertent windfall) number two! Truman got the comforter dirty one day, and though we put it in the dryer once, it just WOULDN’T dry completely. So, without thinking, we just ran it through again. Big. Mistake. So we’ve been dealing with a cute, but shrunken comforter. So with the gift card, and a renewed want to update and perk up the bland bedroom colors, I bought a new comforter AND curtains.



Ta-da! New comforter, old comforter as a throw, and MORE IMPORTANTLY the curtains. It’s one, big, colorful family.


So it looks great, in my mind. I’m so happy with how the sun comes through those curtains in the morning. I love the coordination of the colors on the bed, in the pillows, and in the curtains. Plus, we still have our bright green side tables that just adds to the happiness quotient.

But where, might you ask, did our white curtains end up? Well, my friends, S and I have always been playing around with the idea of hanging curtains in the living room. Not only for privacy, but because there was an awkward amount of negative space above our windows. So I purchased a few IKEA curtain rods and went to town hanging the old-but-new-to-the-room curtains. I measured out the correct distance on each side, as well as halfway between the window and the moulding. Only, I’m really excitable with a drill and own no stud finder. So it was a bit more difficult than expected and it resulted in several more holes in the wall than necessary.

They add a sense of grandeur, don't you think?

They add a sense of grandeur, don’t you think?

If you look really closely, you can see the tiny holes I left in the wall, yet to be filled. I also made the mistake of tricking myself into believing we already had enough to put two panels on each window. That would be six panels for three windows. I have four panels. Needless to say, I will be remedying this situation in the next few days as I am two panels short. Here’s hoping they still sell this style!

But eitherway, what do you think? I love the curtains and how they just slightly puddle on the floor. It makes the ceilings seem higher and the rooms, oddly enough, seem brighter. I am currently choosing a coordinating fabric for the bedroom to make a better sized piece of wall art for above our huge bed. We’ll see if I ever settle on anything!





So They Can’t All Be Successful {Jewelry DIY Fail}

So, it’s happened. I’ve fallen into a project failure funk. A few weekends ago, while I was still on break from teaching, I came down with the dreaded flu. I thought the coast was clear, I’d been home for a week and hadn’t been sick at all! Then, the weekend before returning to work, it happened. Aches, fever, sneezing, coughing, headache, fatigue, the whole sha-bang.

Needless to say, after a couple of days feeling badly for myself, I decided to get out of bed (and onto the couch). I was bored. AND I couldn’t eat much of anything outside of soups. I decided that I needed to keep myself busy during this germy pity party with a project. I had started this washer necklace while watching Pitch Perfect, but was obviously not focused enough to complete the project. Let’s be honest, how can you focus on anything OTHER than Pitch Perfect.

Anyway, the picture tutorial looked easy enough. What could go wrong, right?

Doesn't it look easy? Just weave in, under, out. Continue to repeat...

Doesn’t it look easy? Just weave in, under, out. Continue to repeat…


Maybe it’s my inability to follow directions well, or my horrible need to try and do it without really reading the directions, but it just didn’t work. This tutorial, jewelry making, and I are not friends right now.

Yup, not supposed to look like that.

Yup, not supposed to look like that.

This is the best I could do, even after many, many attempts. I couldn’t decide if it was my inability to follow directions, my ribbon being a stiffer fabric, or it really just not being meant to be. Plus, let’s be real. The gorgeous blogger who created the tutorial is a jewelry maker (go look at her blog here and her etsy store here). Who am I kidding? Why would I be able to make that! Maybe I’ll try this again…someday. I’ll just reread the directions and continue to be frustrated. Could it be that I’m just not that coordinated? This is completely possible. Anywho, as I stare at my heap of ribbon and bag of washers, I figured I would share this DIY fail. Let’s all do a big old WOMP WOMP (sad horn) for this attempt.





PS- Yes, I’m a teacher and I don’t read directions so well. It’s a problem I’ve been working to remedy!

Visiting IKEA {They Never Cease to Amaze}

I had the opportunity to run into our local IKEA for an hour during the week. And if that is an available option, I’m obviously going to take it! Especially since I haven’t been able to see all the amazing things they put into their new catalogue. So here are some of my favorite finds from my whirlwind trip…

I love the bold wall color. Wish I could put a color like this somewhere in our house! The rest of the room is meh; I just loved the peacock blue.


This guy’s color does not come through on the picture. He was a peacock-y blue and adorable. He was also “temporarily oversold” so other people must have loved him as much as I did. He’d make a great coffee table or awesome side table for someone going for a more industrial look!


Look at the little tufting on the back of this chair! Very stylish IKEA, way to go. Not to mention that this chair was super comfortable. Yes, I was one of those people that got onto the platform to test the chair.


I’ve decided that this is what our kitchen must look like. We’ll go dark, very contrasting counters, better metal pulls on our cabinets, and glass front doors on the uppers. I’ll take the light fixtures too, if they’re included!


This will be mine. I’ve got it on my wish list. She’s $49.99 but totally worth it. Three nicely sized shelves that are easy to get to, plus she’s on casters. Easy crafting storage that I can just wheel into the closet when giving a house tour. Done and done!


If you need a folding chair, promise me you’ll get this guy. He’s comfortable and adorable (especially for a folding chair). On top of all that, he comes in MANY colors, including high gloss/laquer colors.


Gorgeous, but at $49.99, too rich for my blood. Definitely worthwhile. It was very sturdy and glamorous in person, just not for our house (or wallets).


Overall, it was a quick, but awesome, trip. I ended up getting a few more frames for our constantly growing wall-o-art up the stairwell. IKEA has amazing frames that I adore (RIBBA style), so I just grab a few each time I go. Not only are they modern and simple, they come with a mat and are pretty affordable. I also picked up our holiday gift wrap, because IKEA shockingly has awesome wrapping options, and a lamp to put on top of our new piano. Did I mention we got a piano? That’ll have to be your tease for the next posting. Until then…










A Space of My Own {Moving the Office Out of the Kitchen}

Hey all,

I’m a bit out of┬ácommission for the next day or so, thanks to a very unhappy eye. So, please excuse any extra typos or run on sentences. I’m typing this post with sunglasses on, as to not aggravate the already upset eye.


S asked me a question the other day, which I’m sure he immediately regretted. He asked if there were any projects to do around the house. I had already been kicking around the idea of taking back a room for my own office, but which room? And what would that do to our guest rooms? I had just spent all this time updating the blue room. The green room looks adorable with the chair from my grandmother. But let’s be honest, one of them had to go. And if it had to be one, it was going to be the green room. It was the easiest to dismantle because the bed was smaller. So out went the mattress, boxspring, and bed frame. After spending a sweaty (GROSS) hour moving furniture several times, it was ready for an office. Or, well, I was ready for it to be an office. The biggest, and messiest, task was to move everything off and out of my desk.

Did that ALL come out of my desk? Whoops!

So our kitchen was taken over, temporarily, by all the things in my desk. I had to remove everything from the walls, purge and go through everything, and decide what will be moved upstairs. But don’t worry, after all that was moved out of the way, I planned to fill that wall. I’ve always hoped that we would actually be able to use our kitchen table, but for the most part it was a bit squishy to sit around. So a quick rearrange and…voila! It can fold all the way out and actually fit four people comfortably.

One- this was awesome positioning because it pretty much covers any wall holes from my desk and hanging etcetera. Two- it fits nicely near the cabinets so it’s like a continuation of storage (parfait!).


Three- It clears up the other wall so that the wine rack can go on this wall. Future plans include rehanging the white and metal shelf above for extra bar storage.


And now for the pre-mess/pre-clean up picture of my NEW office…

Look! Clean and empty! Just waiting to be organized.


And with all of my things that were all over the kitchen?

Ta da! All organized and everything.

We left the drawer bed in the room, just in case we need that extra guest space. So it now is a dual purpose room, part office, part guest room. The coolest thing, I think, is that because it’s technically a bedroom, it has a closet. And in this closet, the former owners left some of their organizers.

Some of my notions and writing utensils. They fit perfectly in the wire baskets, plus they get tucked away in the closet and don’t clutter up my desk top.


So overall, I am really happy to have a room to myself. This way, I’m not doing all of my projects on the floor in the living room. Now I’ll be doing all my projects on the floor in MY office. Hooray!