An Anniversary Project {Framing a Wedding Card}

As we just celebrated our 4th anniversary, I thought it fitting to use some frames I recently spray painted to showcase some cool things from our wedding. The first of which was a great, handmade card from our friend!

I’ve kept all of our cards from the wedding and this one was a perfect candidate for framing and adding to our collage wall. If you’ve seen some of the projects I’ve pinned on Pinterest, you know I’m a sucker for a good silhouette. So should you decide to frame/hang anything like your cards from your weddings, or even cool paper cut outs you might have, here are some simple steps and tips.

Step one: get yourself some backing board/mat board, whatever you choose. I happened to have plenty black mat board, and our collage wall is mostly black and white, so this went perfectly.

Step two: measure your board and cut to the dimensions of the frame.


I ended up using the actual back of the frame to determine the size. I’d recommend cutting the mat board slightly smaller, as it might be a bit more dense than the board and you don’t want any bunching. I used both scissors to do fine trimming and an X-acto knife to cut around the oval edges.

Step three: check and recheck your cutting. Make sure, before you begin mounting what you plan to frame, that your mat board will actually fit in the frame itself.

Step four: mount your chosen piece. I first centered, recentered, and triple recentered so that I had the buildings all aligned. I was fortunate that the card was the perfect size for this frame, so I didn’t have to cut it to fit. Then, using some hot glue, I went through and attached the card directly to the mat board. Make sure to start at one edge and continue across, as to create less of a crease or bubbling. You want your paper to be as flat as possible for framing.


How amazingly cute is this card? I mean come on. I made sure that I could center the two people in the middle of the frame. Then, because of the creases, I worked from the left to the right gluing the card to the mat board.

Step five: to save yourself a lot of frustration, make sure the glass and interior of the frame is CLEAN before attempting to frame your piece. This may take a bit of work, but it’ll save you time and annoyance in the long run. I had my mat board perfectly placed, only to find that some of the old paper backing had gotten in front of the frame, plus some dust right on the card. How rude!


Windex, windex, windex!

Step six: frame your piece and enjoy!


I was so happy with the black and white contrast, plus the way the people are framed. It’s a sweet addition to our frame wall and I’m so pleased with how it turned out!


It’s definitely bold and eye catching on the wall. It seems to fit right in with all the other projects and art. Plus, it’s a happy reminder of just four years ago!

I still have one more matching frame to add to this collage wall, but I’m not sure what to put in it! I’m sure that will be another project for another day. As I sign off, I leave you with some questions about your own projects! What creative things have you done with some of your mementos from weddings, birthdays, and other special occasions? Have you framed them? Made cool art projects out of them?




Collages {Showcasing Photos and Knick Knacks}

Hey all!

A quick update about one of my favorite things– wall decor. S and I are avid photographers, so we have many prints we collected throughout the years.

I love using quirky pictures, prints, and knick knacks that have a story. I would rather decorate with our own things, instead of buying a lot of pieces that don’t have a story. Plus, it’s fun to see the pictures and prints we’ve collected and thinking about the memories associated with each piece. So today, since I had some time (being finished with the tables and all), I decided to tackle some of our empty wall space.

First things first, had to collect all my tools. I have an assortment pack for hanging things that I had to pull out of the toolbox. I needed my hammer, level, and a screw driver (for my diploma hangers). I planned to add to the stairwell collage, so I started there. Using an IKEA frame ($4.00), I gave a necessary upgrade to one of my old black and white print from college. It’s the interior cafe at the Franklin Institute, one of my favorite places in Philadelphia. I’m missing a frame for the Death Cab for Cutie tour poster, but it’s going in the space below the print.

See? There’s a perfect spot for a tall, rectangular concert poster to fit.

Then, finally deciding what to do with our big (almost blank) wall in our kitchen, I set to work. There was an assignment in college to complete a process work, showing how something starts as one thing and ends up as another. I decided to document making brownies. It ended up being an awesome way to showcase texture (brownie batter) and ordinary tools in a cool way (beaters). And now, it’s perfect for the kitchen! I asked for S’s opinion on placement and set to work. I plan to balance the pictures on the other side with two prints from an cool market in Philadelphia, which also showcases food. Now we’re really cookin’!

Big wall that needs a little help. See the space where I plan to balance it out? Just need two more frames and that’s a done deal!

My parents recently returned from a trip to Puerto Rico. One of their adventures included a trip to the Bacardi factory. They returned with a perfect addition to the ever-growing collage in our downstairs family room. I adore tin signs and this one is just great. And it fits in perfectly.

It fits just right! And it goes perfectly with the red of our big F sign and the Budweiser odds and ends. Those crates were from my great uncle and I add the third when I found it at a neighborhood yard sale. Scott loves the Redskins, so last Christmas I scored the awesome felt pennant with the different Redskin helmets. And those license plates? One is from my great-grandmother’s bike, the other from my grandfather’s old ’56 Ford.

And finally, not really a collage, but still fills wall space– our college diplomas. Now, my college indulged in FREAKING HUGE diplomas and frames. I did not realize that this wasn’t the norm until I saw friends diplomas and more specifically, S’s. There was no way to hang them together and have it not look a bit awkward, so I decided to fill the space between our living room windows. As S’s expertly noted, there was more wall space on the left than the right, so it would be more balanced to put the bigger diploma there. And so I did! I think they look pretty cute together. Though, it does look like I’m trying to compensate for something. Eh! Oh well! And the wood of the frame echoes all the dark wood of the furniture. So happy together!

Big lady, little man.

What do you think of the new wall additions? I think they’re fantastic, obviously.


PS- For these pictures, I did not use a ruler, straight edge, or level (with the exception of the diplomas). I know, gasp away, but I always feel more comfortable putting holes into my walls on my terms. I find that when I measure it out and plan it, it never lives up to the extra work it takes. This style of hanging things is not for the faint of heart. I accidentally tried to NOT measure out the diplomas the first go around and ended up with some nice holes in the wall that I had to fill in. If you think you’re going to be upset with yourself for making a mistake, always measure twice, hammer once.