Enter Willingly {Updating the Foyer}

Hey all,

Man, for being silent an entire week, I’m really on a blogging roll. If you follow my instagram feed, you’ll know that I added a few things to the entryway in our house. Here are the few, quick changes…

$12 Umbrella stand!

Are you surprised? He’s an owl. No one should be shocked at this point. What should surprise you is the price he was, considering how much they’ve been going online and at West Elm. I’ve loved many an owl umbrella stand from afar, only to be discouraged by their $75+ price tags. This guy was hidden in our local Restore Store and marked at only $12! Plus, instead of just being an ivory┬áporcelain owl, he also has cute, painted eyes. His eyes are the perfect color for our entryway decor. At the same store, I also found a $5 ceiling medallion, perfect to add to my ever growing medallion wall.

Shocker of the century, I went with green. I figured it would coordinate with the bench, colors in my mother’s print, and the eyes of the newly added owl umbrella stand.

And man, I was right! I’m still looking for one more smaller medallion to paint and place, so that it’s an odd number, but it’s AAAAAALMOST put together in the entryway.

Enter here!

So what’s left for this little nook in our house? A quickly whipped up bench cushion for a storage box which sits under our coat rack and another medallion. After that, it’s all set! What a happy little space to come into everyday!




Treasure Hunting {I wish I was a picker}

Once a month, I head out with the hopes of finding some new interior inspiration or cheap finds to add to the house. And though I didn’t buy anything TODAY (I may head back tomorrow…), I did find some fun things to ooh and ahh over which I thought that I would share with you!

What a gorgeous vintage owl print. It looks like something from an antique book’s pages. But, it was a bit out of the budget at $55.

LOOK at that pillow. I mean, LOOK AT IT! It’s great. It was squishy and comfy for a bolster pillow, but it was also a bit too much money ($42). Come on though, wouldn’t it look awesome in our living room?

Another fantastic accessory! These two vases are so graphic and awesome, it’s hard not to take them home with me. But again, the price wasn’t there for me. The one on the left was $28 and the right $39 (not sure why there was the price difference).

Now he’s just adorable. This may be one of those things that I go back for tomorrow. He was just jumping out at me from his small spot on a shelf.

These were BIG floor pillows in black and white. I’d love to have them, to just toss them around on the floor, but…they were about $69 a piece. Yikes!

Now, some of those things above may have to eventually find their way into my house. Or at least I will take the idea and try to make my own version (huge floor pillows? printed vase? hmmm…). I’ll do whatever it takes. But there were some things at the sale that were, for sure, way out of the budget. These are the splurges that were too gorgeous to NOT take a picture of, but did not (and will not) come home with me.

This sucker was about $300, but wouldn’t it look AWESOME on a wall in the family room?

Entrez et buvez un Coca Cola. So beautiful! I’ve seen a lot of old Coke memorabilia but never a French sign. Too, too cool. And too, too expensive ($289).

So it was a fun morning searching for inspiration. And it may have to happen again tomorrow. I just love searching for new/old things to add to the home. What do you think? Is $300 reasonable for that Coke sign? I think so!