Can I Live Here? {Lucketts Design House}

It must be inherited, this curious need to check out all the doors to see if they’re locked. I get it from my father, for sure. He’s known to check out all angles, see where everything leads, and get right in there. So when I went to the Old Lucketts Store this past summer and saw another building with the possibility of having lovely treasures, I fought to get in. I tried a few different doors, walked around the outside and was finally caught by one of their lovely designers and told that it wouldn’t be open until the next weekend. Woops. I just wanted a sneak peek! I wish I could tell you I went right back the next weekend, but I didn’t. I actually hadn’t gotten a chance to head back until this past weekend. But man, was it worth it. I loved every minute of it.

The Old Lucketts Store is a large, green building right off the main drag. It’s broken into many rooms, full of glorious finds of all kinds. My mother is still looking for a beautiful entryway piece, with very specific dimensions and expectations. We found this little lady in one of the larger rooms in the store.

Isn't she fantastic? I'd characterize her as an antique archival table. The top and sides are all glass. The front pops down to put something into the top shelf for viewing. The other two doors open like a cabinet.

Isn’t she fantastic? I’d characterize her as an antique archival viewing cabinet. The top and sides are all glass. The front pops down to put something into the top shelf for viewing. The other two doors open like a cabinet.

I mean, even the BACK of the piece is glass. It might be a hassle to keep clean and polished, but dang is she pretty. She is the right size for the space and because she’s mostly glass, she doesn’t take away from any visual perspective into the rest of the home. Plus, the brass accents go great with many of their other furniture pieces they already have, so perfect match. So I’m sad to say, we left her behind. I’m hoping she’s still there, just waiting for our next trip, during which we will whisk her away to her new home.

There is the Bee Keeper’s Cottage right next door, which is perfect for indulging in sparkly, fanciful wares and furniture.  I found many a bejeweled owl to take home, but I just couldn’t bring another one home. We need an owl break, which hurts me to the core, but I get it. At least I snapped a picture of some adorable owls.

All my little kindergarten girls would go crazy for these. I had to leave them behind, mostly because I'm awful at keeping track of hair ties and this is kind of expensive to lose on a regular basis.

All my little kindergarten girls would go crazy for these. I had to leave them behind, mostly because I’m awful at keeping track of hair ties and this is kind of expensive to lose on a regular basis.


There are also spectacular moments in the Beekeeper’s Cottage, like this one.


You have my heart, Audrey.

You have my heart, Audrey.


Now that I’ve rambled about what we saw in the buildings AROUND the design house, let’s get to the big ticket items. Not only did they chose an amazing color palette of blues, greens, and neutrals, the lush fabrics and patterns were amazing to see. There were many things to see, but here are a few of my favorites from the weekend.

What a great vignette. I love the clock with the drawers (which extended across the room's wall). I also adore the tables and the mannequin.

What a great vignette. I love the clock with the drawers (which extended across the room’s wall). I also adore the tables and the mannequin.



The banded mirrors, which are not totally my taste, still looked awesome as a group. I have a slight obsession with lanterns and this one was aged red (so cool!). Plus, who doesn’t need a few super-sized keys?



I couldn’t help it. A huge, greenish-grayish owl? Immediately in love.



A future pinterest project? This was a great idea. Aged pages cut to resemble feathers. Seems like something you could make on your own?



This side table is just perfect. The lamp shade drives me a bit batty for being crooked, but the lamp of sea urchins and the linen curtains are fantastic. Can I get to the beach now?



A little hipster mustache never hurt anyone.



This was another “almost” for my parent’s house. They’ve been looking for a new entryway light and we were immediately drawn to this little guy. We were just worried about how sparkly it was, whether it would match their other light fixtures, and if it would be big enough to fill the space. Sadly, this one had to stay there.

So, I’d call this a success. Though we didn’t take anything home with us this time around, I think the design house is going to be a monthly trip. If you’re anywhere near the DC/MD/VA area, check out Old Lucketts Store. I’m already getting excited for a big sale that doesn’t happen for months!





Hole in the Wall {Literally}

In my last post, I described my fear and concern upon seeing the holes left in the wall by our old bathroom light fixture.

Good golly, what do you do with that anyway?

So I already knew I needed to repair some holes in S’s office, which were about a year old and from a botched attempt to hang his guitars. I figured this was a good a time as any to get “hole and crack fixings” from LOWES. Plus, S politely mentions this holes from time to time, mostly because he never wanted me to try and hang the guitars in the first place. Oh well, you live, you learn, right?

I ran on over to our local store and went straight to the paint aisle, hoping to find my absolute fix. And truthfully, I did pretty well! I found a $10 “fix it on your own” box that included the drywall tape, the mixture to cover the hole, the putty knife, and a sanding bar to use pre- and post-hole fill. The three-step directions were right on the box.

First, sand the hole to make sure you have a nice, flat surface. Second, take adhesive back off of tape and center over hole/crack. Third, using the compound, cover the hole so that you have a nice, smooth covering. Allow to dry and sand until wall is smooth.

If I can do it, anyone can do it. For real.

Even this guy got covered by the tape. It took a little fiddling with the tape, but the hole is all covered now!

Look Ma, no holes!

Now, I just need to find a paint match for the bathroom. The previous owners were nice enough to mark all the left over paint gallons with each room they belong to, yet failed to leave any of the half bathroom’s paint. What a bummer. My hope is that when I have someone (my parent’s painter) come over to help hang our mega monster of a mirror, he can use his super duper painter eye and give me a good guess out of my fan deck. We’ll just have to see! Until then, I’m going to be staring at that unsightly rectangle behind our nice, new fixture.



Let There Be Light {Updating Light Fixtures}

I’ve said in the past that there are few things that I will call a professional in to do in the house, rather than doing it myself. One of those things is anything that requires electrical.  This may be because I gave myself a shocker as a child (surprise, surprise!) and am wary about dealing with the little bugger. I’ve been waiting, hoping, and wishing for an electrician fairy to come over and just swap out our outdated light fixtures. Obviously, that wasn’t going to happen so I called in the real-life professionals.

After putting down the new floor in the entryway this summer, and adding the bench and storage bin recently, I kept staring at our awful, outdated entryway light.

It reminded me of a brass and glass (rhymes!) jewelry box that someone would hide away in a drawer. Okay, maybe that’s harsh but let’s be honest. Does this look like our style at all? Nope? So it needed to go.


I found a fixture online that was about $100 and gorgeous. But with my luck of buying online for the house, I didn’t want to risk it (or pay the shipping and handling fee). So I trucked myself over to LOWES a few weeks ago and picked up an adorable light that is very reminiscent of the chandelier that we put in the dining room last spring. Plus, it was much less (about $70) and we didn’t have to wait for it to ship to us. After calling the electrician and scheduling a first-in-the-morning appointment slot, we now (happily) have a pretty entryway light!


Ahhhh! And the angels sang! Isn’t she just the prettiest thing? I caulked around her rim and we should still paint the spot of the ceiling where the old light was, but I’m just so pleased.


And since he was already here, I swiped a bathroom fixture from my grandparent’s house with the hope of replacing our LOVELY dressing room light fixture. They were in the middle of a master bathroom redo and had this nice light fixture that they didn’t think suited their tastes. Well, I liked it a lot (definitely more than what we had) and I’m not going to pass up a free light fixture!


No shame in my game: I didn’t even like this fixture enough to switch the bulb before taking the picture!


So after oohing and ahhing over the new entryway light, I waited patiently while he installed the new bathroom light. But boy, was it a pain. Not only was the bathroom painted POST-light installation (shocker of the century), it was also attached in three spots from the drywall. This mean lots of patching and painting to be added to my near future.


Not going to lie, this did slightly terrify me when he explained what was going on with our wall. Look at those holes! UGH.


But after some stress of whether or not the light could be centered, whether or not the mirror was EVER centered, and how high to hang the light, it made its way onto the wall and it’s permanent home.


Ta-da! So much better, sans missing paint and holes.


He did a really great job and was so pleasant. I even took some extra time to find out about future fixture swaps and possible additional lights to be added to the house (specifically, a flood light for Truman’s backyard adventures). I know it’s not ideal to pay $160 for two hours of work, but hey, I didn’t get shocked and one of the fixtures was free. Plus, they look super pretty. So maybe it was a splurge spending-wise, but a safety and happiness/style bonus.


What do you think of the updates? Would you have tried to do this on your own?



Do I Get Three Wishes? {Lamp Trials and Tribulations}

As I mentioned in a post days ago, I purchased some rockin’ lamps for our new nightstands. I was waiting ever so patiently for their arrival (checking the tracking numbers over and over again). So, shouldn’t be surprising, I was super underwhelmed. I don’t even think that UNDERWHELMED is an appropriate description. I built up these lamps in my mind as the perfect solution to our lighting/nightstand dilemma. I should have known, buying things online, that they aren’t guaranteed. I went with the measurements provided, thinking that they really only meant that the base would be 15 inches tall. Boy was I wrong. Though the lamps are BEAUTIFUL, they are 15 inches tall total, including the shades. And man oh man, did they look silly on the nightstands next to the monster sized bed.


Even with the lamp being in the foreground and the chair being in the background, can you see how small these things are?


I thought that if I got different, more substantial shades, we could get away with the tiny lamps. Then, I bought the wrong shades. The shades I got required a harp, these lamps don’t have harps. So I thought I could take apart the lamps, add the necessary harp holder, and put the lamp back together. Well these lamps didn’t have the requisite screws to TAKE apart the lamps. So I’ve scrapped these as nightstand lamps entirely.

Now, I know you’re asking yourself, “Ashley, why didn’t you just send them back?” Not to mention the fact that it’s a pain in my patootie, I would end up paying more to ship them back and return them, so I’d rather keep them and cut my losses. So I’ve changed my tune a bit. I took the one of lamps and put it in my new office. You can see it positioned on my desk in my previous post. The other is on S’s dresser as a small side lamp. I’m guessing this is where they will stay for the time being. I took back an old lamp that used to be in a guest room, put the larger shade with the harp on it, and it looks pretty good. I’ll update with a picture later, if I can get myself to do it!

I really wanted a glass lamp for the side tables, instead of a chrome lamp, but for right now it will do. We have a TJ Maxx opening locally, and I haven’t checked some of my favorite haunts to see if I can find another option. We’ll just have to see what cheap lamp options come my way.


So what’s the moral of this story friends? Don’t buy lamps online, no matter how cute or cheap they are (or if you have gift cards for the website)!