Color Splash {Fun With Spray Paint}

Hey everyone!

What have I been doing lately? Well…

Shocker of the century, I’ve been up to my spray painting ways again! With all the recent upgrades and projects completed on the deck, our sad plant stand looked out of place and worn down.


Phew! Look at that rust! I’m sorry, little thing, for letting you get so badly rusted on our porch. But now you can see why it needed a bit of a facelift.



Woof. I’m sorry plant stand, that’s just not a cute look.


Now you can see why this was a dire situation. The plant stand held all my beautiful pots for three years. I painted it white in our old place and just let it be, never touching up its paint or changing its color. This was a mistake. So now with all the new colors, she needed a little help. With some cleaning, scrubbing, and scraping, she looks so much better!

Quick tip: when painting an antique piece with rust, make sure to sand and scrape ALL the rust off before painting or priming. This will create a nice, smooth finish for your paint. It’ll also help your paint job last longer. If you paint something already peeling, your paint is bound to peel as well.

So after scraping and sanding, I got to painting. Because it was originally white and still had a pretty good coat in most places, I chose a Rust-Oleum “True Orange” can to cover the old color. See? Branching out! And man, oh, man…it sure is orange!


Yowza! She is a bright plant stand now.


Before and after! What a change!

Before and after! What a change!

Bright? Yes. Upgrade? For sure. I’m so happy with how bright and perky it is. It goes really well with all the other colors on our porch. Plus, it forced me (FORCED I TELL YOU) to buy several more cans of spray paint and perk up some old terra cotta pots.

So many happy pots! So much to plant!

So many happy pots! So much to plant!


And I didn’t stop there…

I even painted some antique frames white to add to our collage wall that extends up our stairwell!

I even painted some antique frames white to add to our collage wall that extends up our stairwell!


Once I got started, I obviously couldn’t stop. But hey, at least I got a lot of painting projects done during this beautiful weather pattern! What do you think? Orange, neon green, blue, and yellow are all very bold choices…





Market Days and Fleas {Rummaging through MD and VA}

Hey all!

Just a quick post because I really should be getting back to my list of “to-do’s” for this week. I had a GREAT day on Saturday, full of searching and finding some gorgeous pieces that I wish I had the space for. I left a lot behind but got a lot of interesting ideas and my wish list continues to grow. We started our day at Chartreuse’s Market Days (you can find more pictures and information here). There were many tempting wares to feast our eyes on!


My mom asked why I would consider buying a big boy like this. Answer? Because it would look AWESOME in my beachy office. I didn’t end up buying him this time around but I keep thinking about him.



I’m a sucker for typography. This would be great on our fence for the backyard. I love the colors, the rust, and the font.



I’m just now re-reading the price tag on these iron pieces. I am now regretting leaving them there. They would have been great, painted in a bright color to match one of our rooms or black and put onto the wall going up the stairwell. And a vintage, one-of-a-kind pair for $18? Man, kicking myself.



I was immediately drawn to this large glass jar. The beauty of the color as well as the unusual size was AMAZING.



My mother thought this might be a solution for her kitchen nook problems. She walked away without it, though I still think it’s photo worthy. I loved the glass doors.



Hello, vintage! This guy was in the “project barn.” He’d be a great addition to a shelf collage or a birthday gift for the music aficionado.



For what it is, it may have been a bit expensive ($29). But I absolutely adore the color and the storage. If this is there next time, I’m snatching it up. The problem is, what you see once may be gone by the next time. I really have to get better about just buying sometimes!



MMM. Green glass. The little bubbles and the different shapes were super charming. Not quite the right green for our bedroom, though.



Future project alert! My lovely friend reminded me that I could quite easily get this look done on my own. So look out for a future rope wrapping tutorial! And you know what is so great? Sometimes, the best things that come out of these trips are the ideas and inspirations, not just the goodies purchased.



I’m a sucker for a good owl pun. This vendor hand paints all her window and glass pieces. They’re just fantastic. She also had several nautical versions, which may need to come home with me.



I had no room for these but I just couldn’t help taking a picture. These would be GREAT for someone with a “man cave” or bar. I can just see them leaning behind a bar. It’s such a shame that someone painted over the original Old Export Beer ad.


But this was a busy weekend, full of not only Chartreuse and Co’s market days, but also The Old Lucketts Store’s Design House! Again, so many beautiful things, not enough space to put them in my house!



The coral was just too beautiful to not sneak a picture. I can only hope to get a few pieces for my office or really anywhere in the house.






There was a much larger collection outside of Old Lucketts Store but I really liked this part of the group. The manicured bushes and cement planters are so classically beautiful, I just wish I had a larger yard.



One- I love cubbies, especially ones with history. Two- the color of these cubbies is just divine. I need them. I must have them.



I have an obsession with mirrors; this is something I cannot deny. But this cluster is great for a few reasons. One- each mirror is a different shape. Two- the odd number is pleasing to the eye (no really!). Three- don’t they remind you of…driftwood?


I did end up taking home two small candlesticks, but otherwise I left empty handed. I am now regretting that decision! So many beautiful options. Thanks Chartreuse and Co and Old Lucketts Store! You made a great Saturday search day!





PS- What’s coming up next? A seashell wreath for our front door, rope wrapped home decor, and more framing projects. Stay tuned!

A Little Love {For Young House Love}

Hey all,

If you’re anything like me, and you’ve stumbled upon the amazingness that is Sherry and John’s blog, you were giddy like a kid on a snow day (NEMO reference!) when they announced that their book was coming out. Their blog is so interesting and witty. It makes you feel like the Petersiks are just having a conversation with you, their best friend. They share little nuggets of their lives (including their adorable daughter, Clara and their sweet pup, Burger). They also share some killer DIY tips for sprucing up your home. I am in awe of the different projects they have tackled in their two homes. It gives me hope that I could tackle a kitchen or bathroom remodel in the future.

So back to the book. I immediately made it very clear that I, too, needed this book. It didn’t matter what the content was, or when it was coming out, I must have it. So when they announced on their blog that it would be 200+ of their favorite DIY tips, I was sold. Get me a copy ASAP! I asked for it for Christmas, but no luck. So I saved up my shekels and ran on down to my local B&N to pick the sucker up.

It's mine! It's all mine!

It’s mine! It’s all mine!

I was so excited, that I’ve already finished going through all the tips. Can I just say, this book is amazing! If you are a home/entertaining/organizing DIY-er, it’s a necessary purchase. Not only is the Young House Love writing style still obvious throughout it’s pages, the tutorials are easy to follow. They created a cost, work, and time key so you know what you’re getting into before you start. Burger even makes an appearance every few pages with a witty comment bubble. And, this book was a super ego booster because I’ve actually DONE some of these projects, so I must be as cool as YHL-ers (or at least a fraction of cool).

Remember last summer when I papered the back of my bookshelf? Well, right off the bat, we’ve got a match!

Great way to start, with a project I've already completed!

Great way to start, with a project I’ve already completed!

So if we’re on the same page, right at the beginning, then we’re good to go. Way to make me feel awesome, Petersiks! And then they included several tutorials on sprucing up an old mirror (remember these guys?) and they painted a set of curtains (like these!). So I felt really awesome about myself, while reading an awesome book.

They’ve also basically filled my spring break and summer break with great, future project ideas. Now on tap for the future I’ve got: stenciling a rug (tip no. 002), no sew curtains (tip no. 009), stencil a table runner (tip no. 058), make drawer shelves (tip no. 071), and fabric art piece for bedroom art (tip no. 129). But that’s only in the first half of the book!

I should mention, they also give great tips and ideas that are not necessarily DIY-ing your home. They give great tips for entertaining, for updating kitchens on a budget, and decor ideas to spruce up any room. I read through the book like a Real Simple magazine, in awe of the beautiful photographs and great writing. There were many times, and I mean MANY, when I wanted a little cheat sheet of where to buy what. I thought I was just going to have to go it alone, until I got to the end of the book! They provide a TON of great blogs, websites, and magazines for readers use. They also have a “where did you get that” section for the different illustrations and photographs. Too…perfect. I could go on and on and gush for days about this book, but you should just do yourself a favor and go buy your own copy. Do it, like right now.



Treasure Hunting 2.0 {Still Wish I Was a Picker}

Hi all! Long time no chat!

I’ve been super busy with the last few days of classroom set-up and the first few days of school, so I haven’t had time for much anything else. Thankfully, I’ve made it through the first few days alive and with enough energy to continue my quest for awesome finds. This week marked a special day for the place I love to shop/pick. They had what they playfully call “Market Days” this weekend and allowed new vendors to set up on their huge property. So not only did we have the awesome barns to hunt through, but there were over 20 vendors with beautiful pieces to drool over and possibly purchase all around us. Thankfully, the looming storms held off today, so it wasn’t a soggy treasure hunt (though it was DREADFULLY hot and sticky). Here are some of the highlights of the day’s picking.


I’m a bit owl obsessed…as you can see below:

Hootie hooooo! These three guys were super cute but something I feel like I could find at HomeGoods. Not as special as I was expecting from the Market Day sales, though I did love the ombre blue owl.


So obviously, this guy wasn’t for sale. But I snapped a picture to remember this idea! I’d love to paint some pumpkins really cool colors and then add a design or little owl guy to it for Halloween. This is definitely a future pinterest project.


Isn’t she adorable? I think she’d be a sweet addition to a children’s room or maybe a bathroom?


Look at the funny eyes! I can just hear their imaginary voices going, “whaaaaa?”  This print made me giggle a bit and I had to refrain from purchasing. I think they were only about $18, but I had no idea where I would put them and I think S would not like ANOTHER owl in our house.


And now to the real finds:

These awesome crates would be great on the wall in our family room. I can’t remember the price, because I was so taken with the cool aged paint, but I think they’re great.


Now, I know. You can see the price tag ($55). Ugh, an immediate ouch. I loved this little milk pale guy because of his cool distressed paint job AND his spout was big enough to hold a few things. I was thinking he would make a great umbrella stand for the front entry way? He’d go great with my ceiling medallions and blue accents. But alas, his price was too steep for me (though I loved him so).


I’m not sure how much this guy was but I was drawn to his geometric patterns. I’m pretty sure, in another life, he was a vent grate. But I think he would be a cool piece to use as a bookend (he was heavy!) or to hang on the wall with the vents open. He just needed a nice cleaning and a good home.


S and I have been actively looking for a bar to add to our downstairs family room, or as he likes to call it, his man cave. This one was a little…well a lot ugly, so it would need some help. But, the positive was that the price ($140) included the bar and two barstools. I’m considering emailing the vendor because it’s been there for many, many weeks. And if I offer a lower number, it would definitely become a project piece. Maybe a little stain? New fabric for the stools? I’m thinking that the bar could go as dark as my tables, leaving the top the same taupe color, and spraying the chairs a fun color. With some tweaking this could be a really great addition to the house! 


Isn’t she just adorable? I’ve been hunting for a stool to put in our entryway for the little desk under the ceiling medallions. We usually take off our shoes by the door and when we need to put them back on, there’s the awkward standing up slide on or all sitting on the stairs to get shoes tied. This way we’d have something to sit on instead of the awkward dance we do each time we need our shoes. Plus, she’s just super cute and needed NOTHING done! The paint job was fresh, the fabric on the seat was new, and she didn’t have any dents, dings or loose bits. Needless to say, she came home with me today.


Look at that upholstery! Ah-dore-ah-bulllllllllllll.

Market Day was super successful! It was HOT and crowded, but definitely worth it. See all these booths?! So many wonderful finds.

Look for the deals through all the people!

Not only did I get this cute little stool, but my mother also got some great priced antique dining chairs, which will be perfect for her new house when they’re cleaned up. Plus, the price couldn’t be beat for a set of four chairs. It ended up turning out to be about $15 a chair. No haggling necessary! Unfortunately, I didn’t snag a picture of them. I’ll be sure to try and sneak one the next time I’m at their house so that I can show you a before and after. She needs to reupholster them and rub the legs down with some Murphy’s Oil, but it’s definitely worth it.

After the Market Day experience, we headed over to the flea market that we enjoy visiting from time to time. The merchandise doesn’t typically turn over week to week, but a once a month visit is perfect. Sometimes the prices can be GREAT (like the $22 piano bench I’m still thinking about going back to get) or ridiculous ($700 for a couch), so you really have to look for a deal. Again, my owl obsession came into play.

This was a framed drawing that I immediately spotted. I was really tempted to get it because of it’s price tag ($8) but I didn’t end up taking it home and I’m regretting that decision. 

But then there were THESE!

What a great color! We don’t really use orange in our house, but I was reconsidering when I saw them. Plus the price was really reasonable ($25). But, sadly, they did not come home with me today. I hope they go to a happily painted home that can enjoy the greatness of that orange color.

The flea market ended up being a bit of a bust today, mostly because we were so excited about our finds at Market Day and I don’t think anything could have lived up to my benches and my mother’s chairs.

On our final stop of the day, we headed to the ReStore (Habitat for Humanity) store in downtown. Previously, I’ve scored some awesome chairs and other pieces for our house at a really good price. Today, however, we didn’t really find much. I found a set of nightstands/side tables that would ALMOST be passible for our bedroom, but I wasn’t sold on them so they stayed at the store. They were only $20 a piece, so $40 for the pair, so I may regret not getting them while I could. I did, however, scope out this beauty.

Polka dot, olive green, Queen Anne (ish) style couch? Cute!

She had really nice lines and was in great shape. I loved the little details in the woodwork, but I was more taken by her upholstery. It was still in great condition and funky up close.

The picture doesn’t do the color justice. It was the perfect shade of olive green and I wish I had a place to put it. Unfortunately, I had no home for it. But I do hope it goes to someone who will enjoy its dots forever!

Overall, this was a pretty successful day. It was a lot of fun, I saw some really great things and got some good ideas for the house. I wish I wasn’t so thrifty at times, I would have come home with so much more! But in case you’re wondering, Bea has found her new home and is settling in just fine.

Doesn’t she fit in well there?

Though she has created a bit of dilemma. Should I paint the desk now? Or do you think he’s okay as-is. I like the contrast of the color, but I also think he looks a bit bland with all the accessories, wall art, and now Bea the bench. What do you think? I’m thinking a cool shade of green…