Market Days and Fleas {Rummaging through MD and VA}

Hey all!

Just a quick post because I really should be getting back to my list of “to-do’s” for this week. I had a GREAT day on Saturday, full of searching and finding some gorgeous pieces that I wish I had the space for. I left a lot behind but got a lot of interesting ideas and my wish list continues to grow. We started our day at Chartreuse’s Market Days (you can find more pictures and information here). There were many tempting wares to feast our eyes on!


My mom asked why I would consider buying a big boy like this. Answer? Because it would look AWESOME in my beachy office. I didn’t end up buying him this time around but I keep thinking about him.



I’m a sucker for typography. This would be great on our fence for the backyard. I love the colors, the rust, and the font.



I’m just now re-reading the price tag on these iron pieces. I am now regretting leaving them there. They would have been great, painted in a bright color to match one of our rooms or black and put onto the wall going up the stairwell. And a vintage, one-of-a-kind pair for $18? Man, kicking myself.



I was immediately drawn to this large glass jar. The beauty of the color as well as the unusual size was AMAZING.



My mother thought this might be a solution for her kitchen nook problems. She walked away without it, though I still think it’s photo worthy. I loved the glass doors.



Hello, vintage! This guy was in the “project barn.” He’d be a great addition to a shelf collage or a birthday gift for the music aficionado.



For what it is, it may have been a bit expensive ($29). But I absolutely adore the color and the storage. If this is there next time, I’m snatching it up. The problem is, what you see once may be gone by the next time. I really have to get better about just buying sometimes!



MMM. Green glass. The little bubbles and the different shapes were super charming. Not quite the right green for our bedroom, though.



Future project alert! My lovely friend reminded me that I could quite easily get this look done on my own. So look out for a future rope wrapping tutorial! And you know what is so great? Sometimes, the best things that come out of these trips are the ideas and inspirations, not just the goodies purchased.



I’m a sucker for a good owl pun. This vendor hand paints all her window and glass pieces. They’re just fantastic. She also had several nautical versions, which may need to come home with me.



I had no room for these but I just couldn’t help taking a picture. These would be GREAT for someone with a “man cave” or bar. I can just see them leaning behind a bar. It’s such a shame that someone painted over the original Old Export Beer ad.


But this was a busy weekend, full of not only Chartreuse and Co’s market days, but also The Old Lucketts Store’s Design House! Again, so many beautiful things, not enough space to put them in my house!



The coral was just too beautiful to not sneak a picture. I can only hope to get a few pieces for my office or really anywhere in the house.






There was a much larger collection outside of Old Lucketts Store but I really liked this part of the group. The manicured bushes and cement planters are so classically beautiful, I just wish I had a larger yard.



One- I love cubbies, especially ones with history. Two- the color of these cubbies is just divine. I need them. I must have them.



I have an obsession with mirrors; this is something I cannot deny. But this cluster is great for a few reasons. One- each mirror is a different shape. Two- the odd number is pleasing to the eye (no really!). Three- don’t they remind you of…driftwood?


I did end up taking home two small candlesticks, but otherwise I left empty handed. I am now regretting that decision! So many beautiful options. Thanks Chartreuse and Co and Old Lucketts Store! You made a great Saturday search day!





PS- What’s coming up next? A seashell wreath for our front door, rope wrapped home decor, and more framing projects. Stay tuned!


Can I Live Here? {Lucketts Design House}

It must be inherited, this curious need to check out all the doors to see if they’re locked. I get it from my father, for sure. He’s known to check out all angles, see where everything leads, and get right in there. So when I went to the Old Lucketts Store this past summer and saw another building with the possibility of having lovely treasures, I fought to get in. I tried a few different doors, walked around the outside and was finally caught by one of their lovely designers and told that it wouldn’t be open until the next weekend. Woops. I just wanted a sneak peek! I wish I could tell you I went right back the next weekend, but I didn’t. I actually hadn’t gotten a chance to head back until this past weekend. But man, was it worth it. I loved every minute of it.

The Old Lucketts Store is a large, green building right off the main drag. It’s broken into many rooms, full of glorious finds of all kinds. My mother is still looking for a beautiful entryway piece, with very specific dimensions and expectations. We found this little lady in one of the larger rooms in the store.

Isn't she fantastic? I'd characterize her as an antique archival table. The top and sides are all glass. The front pops down to put something into the top shelf for viewing. The other two doors open like a cabinet.

Isn’t she fantastic? I’d characterize her as an antique archival viewing cabinet. The top and sides are all glass. The front pops down to put something into the top shelf for viewing. The other two doors open like a cabinet.

I mean, even the BACK of the piece is glass. It might be a hassle to keep clean and polished, but dang is she pretty. She is the right size for the space and because she’s mostly glass, she doesn’t take away from any visual perspective into the rest of the home. Plus, the brass accents go great with many of their other furniture pieces they already have, so perfect match. So I’m sad to say, we left her behind. I’m hoping she’s still there, just waiting for our next trip, during which we will whisk her away to her new home.

There is the Bee Keeper’s Cottage right next door, which is perfect for indulging in sparkly, fanciful wares and furniture.  I found many a bejeweled owl to take home, but I just couldn’t bring another one home. We need an owl break, which hurts me to the core, but I get it. At least I snapped a picture of some adorable owls.

All my little kindergarten girls would go crazy for these. I had to leave them behind, mostly because I'm awful at keeping track of hair ties and this is kind of expensive to lose on a regular basis.

All my little kindergarten girls would go crazy for these. I had to leave them behind, mostly because I’m awful at keeping track of hair ties and this is kind of expensive to lose on a regular basis.


There are also spectacular moments in the Beekeeper’s Cottage, like this one.


You have my heart, Audrey.

You have my heart, Audrey.


Now that I’ve rambled about what we saw in the buildings AROUND the design house, let’s get to the big ticket items. Not only did they chose an amazing color palette of blues, greens, and neutrals, the lush fabrics and patterns were amazing to see. There were many things to see, but here are a few of my favorites from the weekend.

What a great vignette. I love the clock with the drawers (which extended across the room's wall). I also adore the tables and the mannequin.

What a great vignette. I love the clock with the drawers (which extended across the room’s wall). I also adore the tables and the mannequin.



The banded mirrors, which are not totally my taste, still looked awesome as a group. I have a slight obsession with lanterns and this one was aged red (so cool!). Plus, who doesn’t need a few super-sized keys?



I couldn’t help it. A huge, greenish-grayish owl? Immediately in love.



A future pinterest project? This was a great idea. Aged pages cut to resemble feathers. Seems like something you could make on your own?



This side table is just perfect. The lamp shade drives me a bit batty for being crooked, but the lamp of sea urchins and the linen curtains are fantastic. Can I get to the beach now?



A little hipster mustache never hurt anyone.



This was another “almost” for my parent’s house. They’ve been looking for a new entryway light and we were immediately drawn to this little guy. We were just worried about how sparkly it was, whether it would match their other light fixtures, and if it would be big enough to fill the space. Sadly, this one had to stay there.

So, I’d call this a success. Though we didn’t take anything home with us this time around, I think the design house is going to be a monthly trip. If you’re anywhere near the DC/MD/VA area, check out Old Lucketts Store. I’m already getting excited for a big sale that doesn’t happen for months!




Weekday Treasure Hunting {Leesburg}

Hey all!

My job is pretty awesome. Not only do I get to work with the greatest kids, learning from them as they learn from me, I also get a very interesting schedule. My body has gotten very used to this schedule of breaks and holidays. It now knows right about the time I’m due for a holiday, so it completely shuts down. This requires several days of recovery, while off from school, before I can get to the fun things I plan for my breaks. And since last week, I’ve been out of school for a holiday. I’ll return to school next week, so I still have plenty to get done before then!

But because I was off, why not go treasure hunting during the week? I know that swaps, fleas, and barn sales are most popular on weekends, but some of the very cool stores are still open! Let’s get down to some of the awesome finds that were to be had in Leesburg, VA.

First, I stopped at the Leesburg outlets for some happy shopping. And by happy shopping, I mean updating my tired wardrobe. I think I wear the same five outfits. My friends have gotten used to the few dresses that I just throw on before going somewhere. It’s no joke. Other people think a dress means that you’re trying to get yourself together, but to me it’s a simple throw-it-on and you’re out the door option. And, in pure Ashley form, I ended up with another new dress. It’s jersey, simple, and I can just pull it on and go. Wahoo! Plus, I got two cute old navy cardigans. S thought it was true-to-form that I ended up with a dress and cardigans. Nothing really NEW, just a freshened up version of what I originally had. Oh well.

But a bonus for the Leesburg outlets? They have a Restoration Hardware furniture outlet. Now, RH is a BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL store. It, however, was never even a budget possibility for our house. Not to mention that sometimes the store comes off as those rooms that you never sit in because they’re too nice and just meant to be adored. They do, though, have some SUPER AWESOME things.

I’m a sucker for worldly styled objects…and mirrors. This guy was super expensive and about 10 feet tall. Who can fit this in their house?


I’ve drooled over these in the RH magazine for months. I have not, however, drooled over their price. This guy was about $300 on sale and probably a good 8 feet tall. Needless to say, he did not come home with me.


Other than $5 lamp shades, this was probably the best deal in RH’s outlet store. I’ve adored these types of chairs for YEARS. I’ve pinned them, searched for them on treasure hunting outings, but never been willing to spend the moolah on them. He was over $200 originally, marked to $96. Definitely tempting, but I couldn’t do that to my bank account.


So RH had some beautiful pieces, but not for our house. After finishing the happy shopping at the outlets, Stein Mart was the next stop. I’ve never gone to Stein Mart, so I didn’t really know what I was in for there, but it was worth the stop. Strangely, I only have one picture to show for the Stein Mart stop, but it’s definitely necessary.


Love the chevron shade and the color blue. Did not love that I had nowhere in the house to place this guy!


And on our way back, there were some great finds in a pink polka dotted silo.

There’s something to be said for a pink and black polka dotted silo in the middle of the country. And I think that thing to be said is “aaaaahhhh-dorable.”


Obligatory owl find! When I saw him, I had a feeling he had a different life before this store’s shelf. A quick study revealed he was an awful bronze that they sprayed!


This table almost came home for my grandmother. She’s been searching for the perfect eat in kitchen table and this really seemed like a winner. But the shape wasn’t what she was looking for and she was very iffy about it, so it stayed in the polka dot barn.


As exciting as the polka dot silo was, I left empty handed and headed on to the last stop. It was like a crazy pickers dream outside and a refined, staging decor store inside.

Outside barn/garage.


Another outside barn filled with goodies.


Be still my mid-century modern heart. I love you chair! But I couldn’t afford you.


Ah! Another one! But again, you were too rich for my blood.


These were VERY expensive, but very pretty. I could put them in several places in our house…if I bought them.


And another owl sighting. These were cute, dried gourds from Peru!


So other than the clothes, I really didn’t end up with anything for the house. BUT, it was a day well spent and thoroughly enjoyed. If you’re interested in checking out these places, click on the links below!





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