Virginia is for Lovers {A Weekend Getaway}

Hey everyone,

So one of the many things we’ve been busy with recently includes a quick trip for two to Virginia! We had wanted to do a big trip and enjoy some time together, but all the packages kept us from picking just one. We decided instead to do a few weekend trips and happened to find a great deal for a bed and breakfast for one of those adventures. So after work on a Friday, we headed down to Virginia for our weekend getaway. And it was perfect timing. Our great friend lives in the area and could meet up and spend some time with us! What a nice treat!

So we checked into our adorable bed and breakfast and met her for a late dinner. We had a great time catching up and she gave us some good hints for how we could spend the day.

Doesn't it just look yummy?

Doesn’t it just look yummy?

After a good night’s sleep, we were greeted by a delicious breakfast brought to our room. Not to mention, it was so cute! The waffles were shaped like hearts and drizzled with an orange syrup.

The fresh cider and spring water were just great too. And since our room had a little table, we didn’t have to go anywhere! This also gave us the chance to plan our day. There were a few things included in the package that we wanted to make sure to do, but we also really wanted to try and get something active into our schedule.

The fog was a bit eerie, but the hike was wonderful!

The fog was a bit eerie, but the hike was wonderful!

We decided to do a section of Skyline Drive and take a hike to one of the waterfalls. Even with the crazy weather (those storms roll over those mountains fast) and a bear sighting (ahhhhh!), we still had a great drive and hike! The hike was just long enough but so beautiful through the woods and to the falls.

We  got back to our room, cleaning up and quickly trying to make it to our next activity. Part of our deal was a free tasting at a hard cider distillery. The drive was a bit further than expected, but so beautiful to see! We arrived just in time to check out the orchard, their market, and have our own private tasting before they closed for the evening. We were able to sample all the ciders, each tasty and very different. It was almost too hard to pick one to take home, so we took two! This ended up being a perfect place to call for a fun Christmas gift, because we really enjoyed it and we wanted to pass that along!

After the cider distillery, we headed back to town for dinner. We walked around the two square and I obviously made notes on which stores I’d like to visit the next day.

Found this on the side of a building. So neat!

Found this on the side of a building. So neat!

We ended up having dinner at a brew pub-like restaurant and the food was pretty good! The view from our table was very cool and it was a nice experience. We turned in after dinner and planned to meet our friend for brunch the next day.

After our early breakfast in our room, which again was delicious (quiche, fresh fruit, sweet juice, fresh coffee), we had to pack up and check out. The bed and breakfast was a great choice for the short weekend. It was a comfy spot that didn’t feel like a hotel. The owners were so welcoming and kind. The coffee was fresh and delicious each morning, which is a necessity for my mornings. After saying goodbye to the wonderful bed and breakfast, Scott and I headed back to town and started exploring that list of stores I had from the day before.

A few of the stores were, sadly, closed. But we still had fun window shopping and checking out the ones that were open! Plus, there is just so much beautiful architecture to find when you really look. I’m always intrigued by all the different details. Our brunch was lovely and the restaurant reminded me of one of my favorite places back home. We tried to stay and watch a bit of football, but we really had to get back on the road. The puppy was being taken care of, but of course that looming dishwasher problem was still to be sorted out. So we got on our way and enjoyed the not-too-long drive back home. Overall, it was a really lovely weekend getaway. We got to do some fun things together and got a chance to catch up with our friend. I’d say it was definitely a success!

Anyone else taken a little excursion? What did you do? Where did you go?



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