King Sized {Bed} Change

Hi all,

I know I promised you an update and explanation about my friends Big and Little Karl, but this week has been absolutely nuts. Sadly, I had to attend a funeral up north on Monday of my Aunt. After that whirlwind trip, which was absolutely worth the family time and support, I then had to head head back south for several plans, a chaotic house, and my grandparents moving. Needless to say, all of these things have delayed my list of to-dos, including my big and little Karl post.

So while you wait for the Karls’ appearance on the blog, I wanted to share one very happy thing with you. We were VERY lucky (and are still very grateful) to receive a king sized sleigh bed. I have oogled and drooled over many types of sleigh beds for a long…long time. And the day of the fateful, first-phase grandparents’ move, a king sized version fell right into my lap. Well, not into my lap guys, you know what I mean. A family friend had gone to a house that was being condensed and shipped to auction and saw this beautiful bed. The auction house didn’t want to deal with hauling it, so the family in the house was just trying to get it out of the way. Our family friend had no place for it, so she spoke to my grandmother who mentioned I would love it. Which is absolutely true. Though it derailed my plans for the day because I had to dismantle our old bed and move things around the room. Not to mention scheduling the mover to bring the huge beast here, get it up the stairs and around narrow corners. After all that, it was totally worth it.

So, while you wait in agony for the Karls’ presence on the blog, enjoy some pictures of our beast of a new bed.

**Disclaimer** this bed makes all our other furniture look like doll-house furniture. I’m on the market for some new bedside stands to lift up those lamps. And after meeting with my mom, alas, that sad floor lamp in the corner of the first picture may have to go.

Bed, unmade. Truman has already claimed it as his.


Bed all made up, took a half hour to do.




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