The Dishwasher Debacle {Measure? Nah.}

As I mentioned a few posts ago, Scott and I recently celebrated our four year wedding anniversary.

One of the more “modern” gifts to give on your fourth wedding anniversary is an appliance. Scott and I decided that since we had hit our four year mark, and our dishwasher was soon to go (it’s 17 years old), we could treat ourselves to the first stainless steel appliance for our kitchen. It would be our starting off point to convert all the other appliances. This was also handy in terms of matching and a mismatched appliance sticking out because our dishwasher is in the island and not easily seen throughout the kitchen.

So we did our due diligence and went to many stores (enter Lowes, Home Depot, HHGregg, Sears, and Best Buy) and narrowed down our preferences. It was also handy to talk to many different salespeople who gave us great advice on what to look for and the types of options available on dishwashers of this decade. Who knew there were so many options?! So many cycles!? Then, we waited for a good deal and the best price. We found our dishwasher on sale at Best Buy. They happened to also be holding an awesome holiday weekend sale that lowered the cost of delivery, recycling (for our old dishwasher), and installation. We happily went through all the paperwork, payment, scheduled a delivery date, and excitedly waited for our new dishwasher. And while waiting, our old dishwasher did…in fact…stop working.


Sorry, old friend. It was just your time to be replaced. Or so we had hoped…

It’s as if the thing knew we were planning to replace it!

The day the dishwasher was to arrive, I happened to be out of the house. Scott said he’d be ready and available for it. So when I the delivery time window opened, I kept checking in to see what was happening. Imagine my frustration, and surprise, when I got the message that the dishwasher didn’t fit and that they were taking back the new one and leaving the old one.

Now let’s back up a bit. Some of the advice we received from the salespeople included those cool cycles, how different dishwashers heat water or grind food. What was also explained to us, after I mentioned measuring our old dishwasher, was that most dishwashers are standard size, so don’t worry about the little bit of difference between one brand or another because they’d pretty much all fit. What they didn’t mention is that we should double, triple, quadruple check our countertops for the height clearance. Because, huh, who would think that counters can be different heights? That we did not do. And thus, on delivery day, we were informed that our new dishwasher was too tall and our old dishwasher was strangely placed in it’s spot when the house was built. Our countertops happen to be about an inch shorter than anticipated. So no old dishwasher taken away, no new shiny dishwasher in it’s place. We ended up having to, with broken hearts, return the brand new shiny dishwasher to Best Buy. We’ve yet to really decide what to do with our dishwasher debacle, so we’ve been trading off handwashing duty. I do not approve of this. So are options are as follows:

-Change the countertops and plop the new dishwasher in while we’re at it

-Try and raise the countertops an inch

-Get a smaller sized, more expensive dishwasher

-Cut out the hardwood floors so that we can squeeze in a standard sized dishwasher

 Bleh. Still waiting to decide! I’ll let you know which way we go!



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