A Kitchen Problem {Not Quite Solved}

So I wrote MONTHS (ugh, how does time fly) ago about our dishwasher debacle and how stressful just switching appliances had been. We did, eventually, get our brand new LG dishwasher in and I wanted to make sure to give you an update!

After taking out the old, just to find that the new wouldn’t fit even after shimming the countertops, we were a bit desperate. The holiday season was quickly approaching and we had not yet found our solution for hand-washed dishes only. After having a handyman cut our hardwood floors, we were still stuck with a dishwasher that not only didn’t fit, but it was defective.


Yeah, dishwashers aren’t supposed always have paper towels under them. Are they supposed to leak?

So we stared at that beautiful, non-functioning dishwasher another week and decided to take our quick getaway the weekend after. When we came back, we immediately hightailed it to Best Buy to meet with our newly made friends in the appliance department.

At this point, they could see us coming and saw the look on our faces. They knew what kind of appointment they were in for and were completely apologetic. They were horrified that they delivered a dishwasher that was defective and still didn’t fit. We had to start from square one, now with appropriate measurements and suggestions from the last install guy. Only problem with his suggestion for a new dishwasher was that it was about $400 more than the one we originally got! That’s a big no-way in our book. So we looked and settled on a comparable LG model to install. The consultant at Best Buy checked all possible measurements (and double checked). We just crossed our fingers and hoped that this one would work. I must have looked like I was going to cry when they said it would have to be installed after Thanksgiving because they pulled some strings and got it in the Wednesday before, which was super convenient. And, thank goodness, it worked and fit!!


It’s a happy little dishwasher, for sure. We love the light up control panel on the top of the door and all the cycle options. And after the monster of a machine we had, this dishwasher is silent. Plus, it plays a happy song when the cycle is done! And, if anything DOES go wrong with this one (knock on wood, knock on wood), there’s a smartphone app that we can use to diagnose the problem! I’m still in the “isn’t it exciting to load and unload the dishwasher” phase, but I’m sure that will subside eventually. This project has made us a bit wary of replacing the rest of the appliances, but only a bit (considering one of my next posts will be about our new microwave/range hood!).

So that’s that! How did the swapping of your appliances go? Any surprises?



One thought on “A Kitchen Problem {Not Quite Solved}

  1. It must be and LG thing because my parents new washer and dryer plays a “happy little song” when the cycles are done also.

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