A Porch to be Proud Of {Updating our Deck Furniture}

Hey everyone,

 If you remember MONTHS and MONTHS ago, we used to have all our deck furniture in a deep red. And though, I’m always partial to that color, I wanted to update the deck and give it a real face lift. Plus, the spray paint I used didn’t adhere well to the old, vinyl straps. So after two years, it was peeling pretty horribly.

So originally, I decided to paint the table and chairs in a bright blue. Scott wasn’t happy with the thought of MORE BLUE in the house, or around the house for that matter, so I decided to mix it up.


Can’t go wrong with a bright blue! Can go wrong with spray painting while the outdoor unit of your HVAC is on (sorry dude). I painted the table and two chairs blue and the other two chairs went bright green.


A little blue, a little green. What perky colors to see through our kitchen window!

These colors matched the plant stands I painted a few weeks ago, which made the whole deck look like a cohesive space. Plus, my grandmother gifted us a fun and funky umbrella for the deck, which also incorporated all the colors and more! I’m still searching for an orange color to repaint our white plant stand. It needs a little perk. But with our happy new window boxes that hang off the deck and all the flowers in full summer bloom, I think our deck looks pretty good!


See! Even Truman is satisfied with the changes.