I Brake For Yard Sales {Book Review}

Hey all,

I was very fortunate to receive MANY design books for my birthday this year.


So many options, where do I start?

So many options, where do I start?


For those of you who know me, and my addiction to HGTV, you know that I squeal with delight every time I am able to catch Flea Market Flip. I dream of being on that show, scouring the flea market to find different items to flip and resell for a profit. What a dream.

Well, Flea Market Flip is hosted by the lovely Lara Spencer, a veteran flea marketer and home designer/TV personality. Her perky, funky style is apparent throughout the show. So when I found out that she had written a book chock full of tips and ideas, I decided that I must have it. And so, it brings me to her book, I Brake for Yard Sales (And Flea Markets, Thrift Shops, Auctions, and the Occasional Dumpster).


Don't you already love it? Just based on the colorful, happy cover? Where did she get that fabric...

Don’t you already love it? Just based on the colorful, happy cover? Where did she get that fabric…


She begins her book discussing how she got the thrifting, picking, and flea marketing bug. This, for sure, is a familial trait. Her mother was very into thrifting and now, Lara has made it her own family activity (sometimes bringing her kids for the fun). What a sweet anecdote to get the ball rolling.

Lara then begins to discuss the ways to define your style. She thinks that most styles fall into several categories and most importantly, find the things that make you happy in your styling. Embrace the whimsy, glamorous, or whatever else makes you happy! Don’t walk away from things that you will regret later (a BIG flea market lesson learned on many occasions).


I love the juxtaposition of her buying the sign and then showing how she actually used it in her own home.

I love the juxtaposition of her buying the sign and then showing how she actually used it in her own home.


Throughout her book, Lara provides GREAT tips and encouragement. She gives ideas for where to go, how to remake pieces and give them new life, and how much some projects have cost. I find that some of the insets are the most helpful, with lists about raw materials to explain patterns or descriptors to help you identify REAL quality pieces that may need some help (check for antique stamping!). She shares these tips and ideas while showing how she has decorated her homes with her own finds. Lara even shows some before and after shots, highlighting just how easy it is to breathe new life into a tired piece. Though, she also gives you great warnings for things to avoid (peeling veneer, etc). There was just so much in this book that I loved. In fact, while reading, I couldn’t stop myself from Instagramming one of the most important pages!



What a clever way to phrase the flea marketing essentials! Though I love picking, there are many times when I feel under prepared, rushed, or like I’m missing bits of the experience. This list is necessary. Don’t forget, cash is king in flea markets!


I don’t want to give too much away, but it’s a great read. Overall, I highly recommend this book. It’s a wonderful resource to just pull inspiration from the colorful pages or remember a great resource for flea marketing. She even includes a list of places she frequents across the country (I smell a road trip in my future). For my fellow DIY-ers, HGTV enthusiasts, and bargain hunters: this book is for you!





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