Family Furniture Upgrade {Coat Rack for the Kitchen}

Hey everyone,

 I guess you’re wondering, coat rack? Kitchen? What? Didn’t you hang up a little one just a while ago? And you would be correct. I have a super cute little wall rack that we hung next to our back door in the kitchen. It worked for a while and matched the room perfectly. And then, one day while I was frantically (and unrealistically) cleaning before people came over, it all came crashing down…literally.

Just as I was about to shower, and our guests were about to arrive, there was a great crash from the kitchen. Imagine my surprise when our freshly cleaned kitchen soon became a heap of coats, jackets, and scarves, all minutes before our guests were to arrive. I was not pleased. I may or may not have re-drilled and hung that sucker in place, all while wearing a towel in my hair. 

Well, this became a regular experience. Every few weeks the rack would fall, I would curse it and just put it back up. And of course, every time I stuck the sucker in, I was terrified it would fall while people would be over. This is not a way to live, people! Enter: new coat rack.


This coat rack was purchased by my mother over twenty years ago. It stayed in my parents old home for years, collecting coats at the holidays and even serving as the first place she took orders for her old business. When my parents moved to their new home, it just didn’t have a place. They tried to put him all around the house and it just didn’t quite work. So, he was relegated to the garage. I asked if I could take him home and now, he’s ours.

He’s great as is, but we really don’t have those wood tones in the house (nor are they my favorite) so I figured a good spray down would pep him up and make a great addition to the kitchen. But boy, oh, boy, did I underestimate just how much paint he would take! I had a can and a half of white satin Vaspar spray paint at the ready, after giving a good coat or two of white primer. However, I barely got through half of the piece before my primer can ran out! It was like he was drinking up all the paint! I had to quickly run to Lowes and grab another can of primer, where just to be safe I also picked up an extra can of white satin paint. Because of this trip, I ended up painting into the evening.


I’m sure my neighbors who were out grilling dinner appreciated the ambient noises of the spray paint cans. But hey, I was determined to finish this guy.

So I finished all my coats (so I thought) and left him out for the evening to dry and remove the nasty smell of spray paint before bringing him inside. The next day, I enlisted Scott in helping me carry him back into the house, upon which we discovered that I missed a few spots! Shocker, painting in the almost dark doesn’t pay off? I should have known.

So we had to drag him back outside and prop him up so I could get the last few bits. This was actually a blessing in disguise, because it gave me extra time to put a few more coats on the hardware. I used the Valspar hammered finish color in a black metallic, which smells AWFUL but leaves a great sheen on metal. And though brass and gold is coming back in, and I do love a good gold piece, it will not be coming into the kitchen in high quantities. So after wrestling with the hardware (it was so easy to take OFF the hardware and nearly impossible to put back on), I decided to carry that sucker in on my own. Needless to say, I was super excited to be done with the project and finally have a proper home for all our jackets and scarves.


Hopefully, you can bear with me and my unstaged photo. I was just so excited to have the project done, I didn’t close the drawer or hide our junk. Can you see why we needed this piece? I love it’s scale and how the darker hardware looks on the white.

So two full cans of primer and two cans of paint later, we’ve got ourselves a new coat rack for the kitchen. He’s already fulfilling his job requirements and fits in nicely with our shoe organizer. Happy to have him, and a bit of family love, in our house!





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