Guess Who’s Back, Back Again {Updates!}

Hey y’all!

I’m sorry to have been away for so long. The end of the school year, plus grad school, can definitely take its toll. I just needed a couple of lounging days, staring at HGTV to get myself back on track. But I am back and ready for action. Or well, sort of. I’ve got a couple posts in the works on a family piece for our house, lampshade recovering, and other little goodies. In fact, I’ve got a large “Summer To-Do” list to accomplish this summer. Here it goes:

1- Paint and rearrange my office: I’ve narrow down the color of my office to either Pantone Cockatoo or Pantone Beach Glass. One is a much darker version than the other, but I think I’m going to have to see a little sample on the wall before I decide. That room is small and I don’t want the color to overwhelm; however, it is also light filled and has a very light (almost white) carpet, so I could go a bit darker with the walls. I have a lot to decide. Plus, I have all those shadowboxes and white frames to hang as well. Lots to do to make this an awesome office instead of a drab one!


Lighter? Darker? I just don’t know!

2-Clean the carpets: Yup, I’m going to do it. I am going to rent one of those hilariously large carpet cleaners from Lowes and go to town. Since we would EVENTUALLY like to replace the carpets on the second floor with hardwood but don’t have the funds now, I just want those high traffic areas back to a nice, clean look. They are still in great shape and our future hardwood floors are off in the distance (along with the money to fund them), so I’ll have to make do with what we’ve got. Plus, who doesn’t want to read about my attempts to tame one of those big cleaners?


See? I could manage this….right? I have a feeling that hilarity will ensue during this project.

3- Continue/complete our frame wall: I have four awesome frames that just need a color face lift and some matting to get them ready. We’ve been building our frame wall up the stairwell to the third floor, and recently it’s stalled in its growth. But I’ve got one HUGE frame, an 8×10 guy, and two oval frames to throw off the geometric balance. We may have to rearrange and change it up, but I’m excited to add to a “grown up collage.”


Even since this picture there are already two more frames. So add six to this and the project will be complete!

4- Paint the dining and living room walls: Do I even dare? I just can’t imagine shelling out the cash for a professional painter to tackle the project, considering how much it might cost. It is a project I’ve been considering since we moved in, but dreaded because of the large, tall wall that extends up the stairwell. Can I do it? Should I do it? We were considering a beautiful grey color, going a step darker in the dining room and the base color in the living room. I just can’t stand the builders beige any longer. So who wants to take up a brush and help?

I’m sure this list will change, get longer, and create plenty of material for the blog. We’ll just have to wait and see!




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