The Amazingly Large Flea {Lucketts 2013}

Hey all,

A few weeks ago, I was so jazzed to attend the yearly flea market at Old Lucketts Store. The flea is huge, multi-day, and well worth the wait. There were over 200 vendors with many goodies to take home. I’m still regretting passing on a few things, but I snapped a lot of pictures of some great things that I hope made someones home really happy. I hope you enjoy this little glimpse into what took up an entire weekend (but was totally worth it).


I can’t decide which is more awesome, that the turtle shell is actually a lamp or the pile of massive shells.



I would totally toss out our kitchen fan to replace it with a fixture like this. I wish I could have seen it lit! The shell-like glass, the circles, I was in love.



I’m not sure if that was a paint treatment, or the way the antique lockers had aged, but either way they’re awesome. Way too expensive to take home, but awesome to look at for sure.



This is a pretty typical piece of furniture that I’ve seen out from time to time. What is not so typical, and what caught my eye, is the paint job/finish. My mother actually has this piece and has been trying to figure out how to update it and enjoy it in a new light. This could be perfect!



It wasn’t that these pieces were special, but that color sure was. I love the bright blue of the high set of drawers and the little night stand. Those lamps on top aren’t so bad themselves!



If only I had a place for this, or a purpose. The antiqued blue finish, and super cute shape, were just plain amazing. I really thought about this one but ended up walking away.



AH! A midcentury china cabinet, be still my heart. I loved the glass doors, the hardware, and the paint treatment. You really can’t go wrong.



These lantern votives not only were placed perfectly as a set, but they caught my eye for an extended period of time. I even picked up a few, carried them around, and regrettably put them back. The price tag was a bit steep, but just look at them!



Sorry about the unfortunate yellow tint in this picture. It was beautifully finished, actually, with white. I may have drooled over this piece for an extended period of time. Unfortunately, it was already claimed with a “SOLD!” ticket. Bummer.



Oh yes, I have several thousand dollars in cash to spend on a mirror. Well, obviously I don’t, but if I did, this would be mine. MINE I tell you.



One: I love the color of this side table. Two: these cameras were stellar. There were so many antique cameras, I wanted to take them all home!



Yes, let me please have all the nesting cameras. No seriously, give them to me.



I was drawn to the bright blue letters immediately. Unfortunately, they didn’t have any letters I could use, so there they remained. Oh, and please let us enjoy the bright green stools. Just take those in for a moment.



Ummm, did someone say “perfect for a beachy office”? I think they did.


Needless to say, it was a great day. I ended up with several white frames for the office (only a $1 a piece), a beautifully painted mail filer, and some glorious vintage fabric which will soon become some pillows. It was really a fun day. I loved window shopping, drooling over pieces, and seeing everything that the other flea marketers walked away with (which was a ton of stuff). The crew at Old Lucketts Store outdid themselves this time. It was a huge, successful, and well managed adventure. All their advice (shoes, parking, money) were spot on and very helpful. We got our money ahead of time to avoid ATM lines or shortages. We wore lots of layers to stay comfortably warm in the overcast, foreboding weather and shoes that held up in dusty AND muddy patches, all at once! We even brought snacks! We were totally prepared. Way to go us.

If you have a chance, you should definitely check our this flea. People from all over the country were there, the state license plates were amazing. It was the perfect people watching experience…which may have been the best part of the day. Anyways, it was a ton of fun. Can’t stop thinking about it!




3 thoughts on “The Amazingly Large Flea {Lucketts 2013}

  1. So. Much. Cool. Stuff. Drooling.

    I’m in the market for a card catalog (that I want to turn into a coffee table), and I’ve heard flea markets are the best place to find them. Seen any around in your travels?

    • You are the best. These comments made my day, seriously. Also, I’ll keep my eye open for card catalogues. I see them A LOT but they can be pricey.

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