Anatomy of an Entryway {Foyer Update}

Hey all,

I recently posted this picture of our entryway and new rug.

Wouldn't you like to come over?

Wouldn’t you like to come over?

I figured, though, that I would give you a heads up into what it takes to MAKE an entryway. This is the first place people typically see in your home. You want to convey your personality, style, and give a little dose of excitement and whimsy too. But, it’s typically forgotten or overlooked. Just put a catch all piece there and move along because it’s not a room you stay in. I would argue, however, that it’s important to finish it off and make a welcoming entrance to your home! And so, I give you my anatomy of an entryway.

anatomy of an entryway


The mirror tutorial can be found here. I’ve collected those medallions over time, adding another mirror in a different color here and there.  The rummage sale, where I bought the green stool, can be found in this post. The desk was passed down to me after my uncle passed away. It is a sweet reminder of him every time we come into the house. The flooring, though it took forever, was well worth it. You can see what it started as here and the process it took to get it to what it is now. The owl umbrella stand was an under $20 purchase from our local Habitat for Humanity store. He was hidden away in their small section of housewares and I grabbed him as fast as I could. Most of owl umbrella stands I’ve found can price for $50+, so he was definitely a good find. The small coat rack is perfect for guests to hang their coats and not have to get into the hall closet, which can sometimes look like a hoarder’s dream. And the little antique chest, spray painted to match the room, is perfect for those strewn about shoes that never find a proper home.

But the capstone to this room is the new rug. I found the brand, Fab Rugs, at our local tag sale. Though I LOVED the rugs they had, neither was perfect for the room and I couldn’t pull the trigger. I came home that day and found the brand online. With a 20% off coupon, I was able to get this rug for $39. Plus, it’s made of plastic! It’s made out of recycled plastic, which makes my green little heart happy. Plus, since it’s plastic and we have a huge furry dog who tends to track in dirt, I can just hose it down outside if it ever gets dirty. It’s also reversible! If I decide that the blue is too much, I can turn it to the white side and have just a touch of blue. All in all, a great purchase.

So now, think about your foyer and what you can do to it to make it a welcoming, whimsical, fun spot to come into rather than the ignored space in your place!



***Not pictured: On the wall opposite the mirrors is a framed print my mother did in college. It has all the colors picked up in the other objects. Also not pictured are my two brass ducks, sprayed to match the room.



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