Rummagine All The Opportunities {Yard Sales in S. Florida}

Hey all!

I’m writing you as I eat a delicious piece of freshly baked breakfast bread (including nuts, cranberries, sunflower seeds, apricots, and raisins) and drink a great cup of coffee. We’ve got a full day today and tomorrow, so I’m taking a moment to write a quick post about the on-goings down here.

I never realized just how many yard sales could happen in a small place in such a short amount of time! We must have gone to six or seven, some better than others, but all very interesting. The prices were good and I ended up with some great swag. I figured I’d share some of the things I picked up (and of course their prices).

This, plus a couple dresses, was my haul for the morning. See the blue sculpture, two apothecary jars, two crystal candle sticks, and not pictured, a stunner of a green candlestick.

This, plus a couple dresses, was my haul for the morning. See the blue sculpture, two apothecary jars, two crystal candle sticks, and a stunner of a green candlestick.



This was actually picked up AFTER rummaging all morning. A friend of my grandmother’s was trying to clear out a lot of her things from her condo, and this was just going to be left behind! I decided to keep it and possibly put it in my continually growing garden out back.



These were probably the steals of the day. I found these at one of our last sales that we went to. They had some crummy potpourri in them that I dumped. Each jar was tagged with $6, but I asked to her to take 2 for $10 and she did! I think my sprayed shells have finally found a proper home!



This green stunner will look great with our green glass pieces in our bedroom. The cost? $1. I’m not really sure what they were asking for it, based on the other things on the table it could have been $5 or $10, I just walked up with a dollar and she took it, so fine by me!



These candle sticks were $6 total. They’re pretty, a bit more formal that my usual taste, but I’m trying to build my crystal candlestick collection a few at a time. These didn’t break the bank, so I had to make them mine.

After all the rummaging, some tasty lunch, and some shell cleaning, I decided to get back out on the beach. I was ill-prepared for this outing, thinking that I was just going to pick up a few shells if I saw them. I was carrying my phone and DSLR, hoping to get some good shots of wildlife (which I did), but I didn’t anticipate walking for two hours in the water and snagging so many more GREAT shells. I see a silver future for many of you…


I’m still learning to identify many of these but I do know that the conch with the “spikes” are called Fighting Conch. I think the smaller, softer spiral ones are called tulips.



Other than my sand dollar find (which broke apart in my bag not suited for this outing), these were the catch of the day. They’re pairs, still intact! I play to keep a couple for the classroom science center and use a few in my office re-do this summer. Oh so many plans ahead…



Casualties of shelling, my poor old shoes. They’re pretty gross anyways, so I just plan to toss them. The main reason for posting this picture is for you to see how much sand and shell bits get into every little nook!



Looks gross now, but soon these coral and sponges will be clean and look great. To make sure there are no critters taken home in your shells, coral, and sponge, make sure to mix a solution of two parts water, one part high concentrate bleach. Gets all the gook and sea water smell right out!


Well, my journey continues! Today we plan to go to a place called Stan’s, which I’m told is quite the experience. I’m sure I’ll have pictures to share later. Enjoy your Sunday and believe me, all these finds and shells are really making some DIY ideas brew in my mind! Better write them down somewhere…but where can I put them…?



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