Showing a Little Leg {$20 update}

Well, if you saw my first ever Vine post, you saw that I’m adding new legs to our favorite seating, big and little Karl. We purchased them during a different time, with different covers, so the light wood legs didn’t really bother me.

It wasn’t until I saw the legs, and by saw I mean starred at them for several months, next to the stained furniture and darker tones that I realized how awful it looks. And you know how I get when I have an idea. Needless to say, $20 for the sofa, $20 for the chair, and many hours of frustration at the hands of an ikea wrench, we have new legs.


The new legs.

Even after all the heartache and frustration (there may have even been a hammer involved), I’m so happy with the outcome. Simple update to make our furniture a little more in touch with each other.



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