A Little Valentine’s Day Love {And Another Wreath}

Three blogs in one weekend? What has gotten into me!

After cleaning out some things from my parents’ basement, I stumbled upon a fun, white boa from one of my bridal showers. I’ve purposefully kept it all this time and my mom really wanted it out of her house, so I took it off her hands. I knew I could probably use it for something and I had to make a run to the craft store anyway, so I picked up a foam wreath form. Plus, what a sweet story to tell that I made a V-Day craft out of something from one of our bridal showers!

All you need for this craft is 15 minutes, a hot glue gun, some hearts, a feather boa, and a wreath form.

Got all my supplies ready to go!

Got all my supplies ready to go!

Start by gluing the knotted end of your boa to the wreath form. Then wrap the boa around the wreath form, but not too tight. You can leave blank spots because of all the feathers and the hearts you’ll add. Only glue in three or four sections as you weave the boa around your form. Then the fun part. Lay out how you would like your hearts to go, or just freestyle them on. I found a valentine kit on sale with a ton of sparkly hearts in it that would be perfect for this craft, but you could just get foam cut out hearts too. Apply enough hot glue to the backs of the hearts and place them on your feathered form. Then, voila! A beautiful, and kind of funky, wreath to celebrate the holiday of looooooove. This project only took me about 10 minutes and I think it’s a really cute project.



Here’s the price breakdown:

Boa- FREE! (but it could have been about $5)

Foam Form- $3.50

Heart Packet- $2.00

Glue- FREE! (had it already)

This is definitely an under $10 project, which is right up my alley! Enjoy and Happy Valentine’s Day!





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