New year, new projects {Breaking in a Sewing Machine}

Hey all,

If you follow my Facebook musings or Instagram, you may have noticed a recent wardrobe addition. This awesome addition comes in the form of an infinity scarf. But before we get to its awesomeness, how I made it, or where I got my ideas from, let’s talk about my fantastic sewing machine.


There it is, my fantastic new Singer sewing machine. And it’s new home is atop my awesome new IKEA cart. Unfortunately the color is off because of the lighting in the picture, BUT it’s a perfect color (picture robin’s egg blue/Tiffany Blue).

Both of these were gifts for Christmas and I’ve been chomping at the bit to use them. When I opened the cart, I was very excited and flooded with ideas of what to put on it. I knew it was going in my office (I’m not good at sharing), so I assembled it and rolled it all the way to my office. And there it sat, sadly empty. And then, I realized! S got me the gift I had been hoping for, a sewing machine! I’ve been talking about it for a long time, not to mention pinning tons of sewing projects on Pinterest, so I’m very fortunate to have been gifted a super duper sewing machine. It nests beautifully on the top shelf, and with all the extra sewing supplies I was given, I had a great sewing cart in the making. And since I’m on my winter break, what better a time to fire the little guy up and get to work!

And here comes the scarf-blog post. I found this pin about an infinity scarf and was interested. She explains in her tutorial that this is a great beginner project, so I was sold (or should I say sew I was…oh dear nevermind). I followed her directions exactly. I bought two yards of this awesome striped fabric, which I was immediately drawn to in JoAnn’s. It’s a soft, jersey like fabric. At a glance, the stripes look simple enough, white and navy. But when you look close, the white is actually embossed with a lace pattern. Super-dee-duper cute, if you ask me. So anyways, I bought the fabric and set to work. I cut two-60×12 pieces from the fabric. She was exactly right, it does leave you with plenty extra (I’m thinking, stretchy headband?). My mistake, which she didn’t need to specify in her post, was that using a jersey-like fabric. I, being a beginning sew-er, had a HUGE issue with this. It was more difficult to cut, it curled when sewing. Overall, it was just a huge pain. But, if you follow her sewing directions (long sides first, get a tube, do the ends), you’ll get an awesome scarf out of it.

See? Awesome scarf. It loops twice.

See? Awesome scarf. It loops twice.

My friend even said that it looked J. Crew-esque. She’s an awesome friend, obviously. And for my first-project-post reminding myself how to sew by doing a silly pillow with extra fabric, I’d say I did pretty well. I did have an issue with the directions, because I didn’t read them correctly (which added a ton of time taking stitches out), but otherwise it was a great project to start off.

Now…I think I’ll make myself an owl….or something…



PS- This scarf should have taken about 20 minutes but because of complications took about two hours. I’m a super slow sewing student, apparently. Also, I happily left out the pictures of the process, it was too ugly and sad to look at..all the pieces of fabric rolling and stitches being taken out. It’s so much better just looking at the finished product, amIright!?

See? I made a sweet little pillow for fun. Do you think I can proclaim myself done with "no-sew" projects? Maybe!

See? I made a sweet little pillow for fun. Do you think I can proclaim myself done with “no-sew” projects? Maybe!


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