Baubles, Bangles, and Beads {Christmas DIY}

Hey y’all,

I promise, I promise! This is my last Christmas DIY-present update. Okay, well maybe not. But I’ll at least keep this one short, sweet, and gorgeous (if I do say so myself…).

Last Christmas, we gave my grandmother a beautiful pair of earrings. They were large, golden, and had a great filigree that housed a emerald green stone. This year, besides giving her many pictures from my brother’s several milestones this year, I decided that she needed to complete her set. She continually talks about the comments and compliments that the earrings get, so why not have a great necklace to go with it? Also, much like myself, she enjoys a sparkly accessory from time to time. And if there’s anyone my grandmother loves, it’s good old Martha Stewart (not old in that way…oh you know what I mean).

I searched online for a great tutorial for beading, especially easy for a beading beginner, and came upon this one. Martha had very specific restrictions for the beads, beading cord, and ribbon. And I, of course, could find NONE of these supplies. I went to my favorite crafting haunts and quickly realized that I wasn’t going to find anything to fit the bill. So I set out to complete this with her tutorial as a guide.

I did follow the first few directions exactly. These directions work perfectly for securing the ribbon, a huge part that I did not want to mess up. Unfortunately, I didn’t want the black beading cord that I found to show as it does in the tutorial version, so this is where I went on my own. I used two packs of some BEAUTIFUL beads that I found at JoAnn’s. The green seemed perfect, not only to match those fantastic earrings, but for my grandmother’s love of jewel tones. I used every bead, strung all of them onto my beading cord, and finished it off the same way that the tutorial explained. This was probably the most difficult section. You have to be careful to knot the cord precisely the first time. If you don’t, you’ll curse yourself to get the knot out and it won’t look finished. You want to make sure that you do this correctly, because who wants a DIY gift that actually LOOKS DIY. I wanted it to look like the super cute bow tied necklaces that you can find in stores. I hope I replicated the look well. What do you think?


Aren’t the beads just beautiful? If you double the cord through and carefully knot, you won’t even notice your cord work around the ribbons.


I just love the colors. It was pretty easy, once I picked the beads, to find the coordinating ribbon. And if you have a great local craft store, you don’t have to buy the whole spool of ribbon, but can just get exactly what you need by the yard.

Her immediate reaction to the gift was awesome. She loved the color and asked straight away if this was a handmade gift. But, best of all, she asked if it was going to be a blog post. So here you go Grandmomma! Hope you love your new beads!




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