Crafty Christmas {Some Other Homemade Gifts}

Hey all,

The hectic holidays have moved passed us and I can finally write again! Fortunately, this is the final stretch before winter break. I’ll be able to write more, break out my new sewing machine, and throw myself into DIY projects before the end of the year classwork and another grad class. I know I had promised a post on the other candles that I made, so here they are.

Instead of breaking apart the wax into cubes, then using the crock pot to heat the candles as I did in my previous post, I went a different, faster route. I was a bit terrified to heat the teacups because I didn’t know their history. They were purchased from thrift stores and were mostly unmarked, so I was not about to blow up china in my crock pot. That would be a disaster. So I decided to melt the wax in the microwave in a larger, glass bowl. This was a great idea for quick candle creation, but a huge mess. I’m still scraping off the wax build up from the counters. The whole pouring from the microwaveable bowl to the cups was a mess. But hey, after mixing the scents in, pouring the wax, setting the wicks, and putting them into the fridge for a quick set, they look great!

Super cute cup from a thrift store? Becomes a great gift for the candle lover!

Super cute cup from a thrift store? Becomes a great gift for the candle lover!


MMMM..smell that vanilla!

I think my favorite part about this project, like the jello mold candles, is that each one was a bit different. I purposefully picked four different teacups so that they’re a little different, kind of funky, and definitely vintage inspired. This project, unlike the jello molds, took significantly less time because I microwaved the wax. It also ran for about $10, maybe $15 max because I had the left over supplies from the other candles and I only needed to buy some teacups, which is awesome for a holiday gift on a budget. This was perfect for someone who loves a touch of vintage and a good smelling candle!




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