Guess who’s back, back again…

Hey all,

So sorry I’ve been missing these last few days…weeks…oh gosh, has it really been MONTHS!? I apologize, to both you and me. This blog is a point of sanity, a fun project that I do to remind myself of projects completed and cool things to do. Or well, things I think are cool things to do. It’s a bit of a hobby, so when I don’t get to access it on a regular basis, I go a bit stir crazy. And man, oh man do I have some projects to update this baby!

Let’s start with the most recent. I’ve been really using my Pinterest page for this Christmas. Wanting to make happy, heartfelt gifts can be kind of tough! I’ve had my eye on this tutorial for antique jello tin candles with the thought that I could use them for my mother-in-law but I was afraid I wouldn’t have the time to do. Now that I had a free, long weekend from work (plus a runny nose and cough to keep me away from others), so it was the perfect time to try.

I purchased the jello tins weeks ago from a flea market. I originally gravitated towards a large pack but quickly realized that all the tins were the same and not as cute in their shape. So when I found this pack, I knew we were golden! So once I had the time, I trekked over to Michaels.

Everything you need to make candles: wax, wicks, and liquid scent.

Everything you need to make candles: wax, wicks, and liquid scent.

Using my coupons (shocker, shocker), I picked up some wax, wicks, and candle scents. With all my supplies in hand, I got to work.

Using both the tutorial found here and the crock pot candle tutorial found here, I made my way. First, I chopped up the wax so that it would fit nicely into the tins. Then, I carefully placed all the tins into my crock pot and turned the crock pot to high, put the lid on and left it alone. I used my crock pot and mixed the tutorials for a couple reasons. One: I very quickly realized that Michaels did not have any microwave wax options, so I was stuck with double-broiler options. Two: I don’t have anything to make a double-broiler with, so there’s that. Yes. I am a bit inept and ill-equipped in our kitchen.

Back to the project at hand. This time away from the crock pot was actually a perfect time to get to our sad, naked Christmas tree. We had chopped it down the week prior and never gotten a chance to put ANYTHING on it. No topper, no lights, nothing. So I set to work (multi-tasking!) while the candles cooked away. And trust me, it quickly became clear that we had put it in the stand incorrectly.


That’s totally straight.

So once the tree was completely lit, topper on, it was the perfect time to recheck the candles. This probably took me about an hour, which is longer than both tutorials discuss. Again, I was using a different type of wax that (apparently) took much longer to melt than what was suggested by the other bloggers. I was happily surprised, though, when I opened my crock pot to see cute little candles, all melted and ready for their wicks. After the candle wax is completely melted, add your scent to the wax, stir, and then plunk your wicks into the wax. Then, turn off your crock pot. You can just leave your happy, little candles in the crock pot to cool.

Look at those things! So cute!

Look at those things! So cute!

Keep the top off to decrease the cooling time. Also, they may LOOK like their solid, but are still hardening. Let them be for a while to cool. I just let my candles sit overnight. And once you do that, you’ll end up with a great finished product.

Sorry about the awful picture, I don't have access to my normal camera. But at least you get to see our awesome lounge again!

Sorry about the awful picture, I don’t have access to my normal camera. But at least you get to see our awesome lounge again!

So overall, I think this project was a success. I will have to update you all with the other candle project I completed for S’s step mom. Instead of using cute, jello tins for her candles I found some vintage teacups at thrift stores to house the candles. And in terms of scents used? My mother-in-law’s candles smell of cinnamon and S’s step mom’s smell of vanilla and lavender. Really a fun, easy project to do for a gift! I totally recommend it!




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