A Homemade Halloween {Rosie the Riveter Costume}

Hey all!

I grew up having homemade halloween costumes every year. I went as Mrs. Potts, a fully skirted princess, and the cat in the hat. I’ve never been a fan of buying a costume, though they do look awesome, and in my adulthood I still stand by homemade costumes. Last year, I was the twitter bird…

See? Tweet me.

And though it took a lot of effort and a No’Easter kind of ruined the evening, I still loved that costume. It was an old blue sweatshirt, yellow tights and shorts, several baggies of blue feathers and a few feather boas, but it was all created by my beautiful friends and I. Making costumes is a PERFECT excuse for a craft-night-in, which is exactly what we did. And after several snowy hours together, Caitlin had her beautiful SC block and I had my twitter bird costume. So needless to say, I wasn’t going to give up the homemade Halloween tradition for this year. And I had thought of the perfect costume (Rosie the Riveter), which I thought was an easy do. Just need the jumpsuit like outfit, pin up hair do and make up, and maaaaaybe her background poster.

My goal was to keep my costume at/under $25, so let’s see how I did:


$3- Pants [Goodwill]

$7- Shirt [Goodwill]

$2- Bandana

$8- Painting Supplies

$5- Mascara (because yes, I don’t own ANY make up)

Foam poster board, shoes, undershirt, and tights– FREE because I owned them!

So I stayed right at my $25 limit, wahoo!, which is next to impossible when buying your costume. Just saying. All that was required was…

Paint some polka dots onto the bandana, if you can’t find one already polka-dotted. I got a little excited dotting the bandana, so they weren’t so uniform. Oh well!


Paint the background! At first, I thought that I could just paint the top, talking bubble blue around my traced letters. That wasn’t going to happen.


The finished background! Perfect size to carry all evening. I went back and added a bit more blue and edged the lettering a bit better.


Have awesome friends that are super capable of doing hair and makeup, unlike myself. Lo did a fantastic job with my little cat-eye and blush, Caitlin tied up my hair tight to stay the night!



And it worked out well. I stayed within my cost limits, had a great costume and enjoyed the evening. My favorite part of the evening was probably walking past all the glass restaurant fronts with my arm up and the poster facing them. Got a few points, one thumbs up. Basically, I consider that a DIY success!

One, my arm looks MASSIVE. Two, please ignore the dirty kitchen. I promise I’ll clean it…tomorrow.

How was your Halloween? Do you have plans (that may or may not be washed away by Sandy)? What did you go as?





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