Visiting IKEA {They Never Cease to Amaze}

I had the opportunity to run into our local IKEA for an hour during the week. And if that is an available option, I’m obviously going to take it! Especially since I haven’t been able to see all the amazing things they put into their new catalogue. So here are some of my favorite finds from my whirlwind trip…

I love the bold wall color. Wish I could put a color like this somewhere in our house! The rest of the room is meh; I just loved the peacock blue.


This guy’s color does not come through on the picture. He was a peacock-y blue and adorable. He was also “temporarily oversold” so other people must have loved him as much as I did. He’d make a great coffee table or awesome side table for someone going for a more industrial look!


Look at the little tufting on the back of this chair! Very stylish IKEA, way to go. Not to mention that this chair was super comfortable. Yes, I was one of those people that got onto the platform to test the chair.


I’ve decided that this is what our kitchen must look like. We’ll go dark, very contrasting counters, better metal pulls on our cabinets, and glass front doors on the uppers. I’ll take the light fixtures too, if they’re included!


This will be mine. I’ve got it on my wish list. She’s $49.99 but totally worth it. Three nicely sized shelves that are easy to get to, plus she’s on casters. Easy crafting storage that I can just wheel into the closet when giving a house tour. Done and done!


If you need a folding chair, promise me you’ll get this guy. He’s comfortable and adorable (especially for a folding chair). On top of all that, he comes in MANY colors, including high gloss/laquer colors.


Gorgeous, but at $49.99, too rich for my blood. Definitely worthwhile. It was very sturdy and glamorous in person, just not for our house (or wallets).


Overall, it was a quick, but awesome, trip. I ended up getting a few more frames for our constantly growing wall-o-art up the stairwell. IKEA has amazing frames that I adore (RIBBA style), so I just grab a few each time I go. Not only are they modern and simple, they come with a mat and are pretty affordable. I also picked up our holiday gift wrap, because IKEA shockingly has awesome wrapping options, and a lamp to put on top of our new piano. Did I mention we got a piano? That’ll have to be your tease for the next posting. Until then…











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