Student Prizes {Crayon Re-Do}

Hey all!

So here’s a fun project that you can do with kids, though I recommend using a different brand than I did. I hate to throw away classroom supplies, but I also LOVE starting the year fresh. Needless to say, I accrued a huge amount of old, broken, and well-worn crayons from my classes last year. I collected all of the sad left overs in a ziplock baggy, holding onto them for far too long.

Lots and lots of crayons.


Originally, I thought that I would use them to make a fun, melted art project. But then I realized, why not reuse them for prizes in my classroom? We have a weekly prize store for students to spend their hard earned incentive dollars. So I set to work (which is slightly annoying with the type of crayons I used)! First, preheat the oven to 300 degrees. Next, all the crayons need to be unwrapped and snapped into several pieces. This caused my hands to be many different colors and my nails to be trimmed short. I couldn’t get all of the wax off! What a pain! This was the most time consuming part of the entire process. You need to make sure that ALL the paper wrapper is off, otherwise it pops up in your new crayons. Using a silicon mold, I overfilled each little person shape with multiple colors of crayons. You could use just one color with many shades or one color uniform, but I wanted to make fun, swirled crayons.What’s more exciting than crayons that write multiple colors in one swipe?


I typically don’t spring for the best when doing a project like this, but I had a half off coupon. Plus, it makes a ton of little people, which is perfect when you want to make cheap prizes in bulk.


Here’s a tip: it’s important to slightly overfill each mold. Don’t worry about the crayons tipping over and not getting into the mold.  They will melt down and you don’t want thin crayons! It’s okay to fill in the molds, melt them in the oven, and add more if you see that you didn’t put enough into the molds on the first go. Be very careful about taking the mold out of the oven; the more jostling, the more your colors mix and aren’t swirled anymore. I left my crayons in the oven for about 10 minutes. This is dependent upon how thick your original crayons were and how much you filled your mold. Many of the pins and blog tutorials I read varied from 5 minutes to 15 minutes, even as much as 30 minutes, depending on your mold and oven heat. But the nice thing about the silicon mold is that it is safe at very high temperatures, if you choose to do your crayons that way. So basically, just trust your gut and enjoy some new swirly crayons!

Bake, bake, bake..bake, bake, bake. Bake your crayons!


And there you have it. Some fun crayons, that you could even make with a happy little helper!




PS- The boys really liked these. They were a bit confused when they saw the little people, but many chose to buy them with their dollars. Success!


One thought on “Student Prizes {Crayon Re-Do}

  1. awwww…i did this with my sister’s kids when i had them for a few days, i found a star silicone sheet somewhere, i forget where but it was super cheap and i used crayons left over from the sister in law’s baby shower. They LOVED it…since it was only three of them in my home they helped me break them and bake them then we colored with our new stars 🙂

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