Razzle Dazzle Fall {Sparkling Pumpkins}

Hey all,

I know, I know, we’ve had a lot of radio silence on my end. I got completely caught up in work  and school, so I’ve let the blog linger without any updates.

See? I’ve been busy. I even had to make this for a class. Well, really it was because I got the opportunity to sit on another teacher’s first grade writing lesson, but still. I’ve been busy.

But here I am, finished with my requirements for the evening and ready to update you on some goings-on in the house. I want to give you a quick how-to for some super awesome bedazzled pumpkins. These suckers take little to no time at all, but if you do them in a larger amount, can make a big impact in a vase, on a table, or in a glass bowl.

I got the inspiration for these suckers from several pins I’ve been holding onto like this one and this one. Can’t forget to include this guy! Needless to say, the idea of sprucing up some pumpkins for around the house has been a popular one on my pinterest board. So I needed to get to work!

The mini-pumpkins were a great find. They were at a local nursery for a dollar a piece, so I picked up five. I immediately scooted over to one of my favorite spots, JoAnn’s, and got super fine silver glitter and mod podge. To make the sparkle pumpkin, follow these directions:

First, get all of your supplies together. Make sure, if you’re using real pumpkins, that they don’t have any dings or scratches. This is a lesson I learned the hard way (and moldy way**). Clean off pumpkins. They usually have a bit of dirt stuck to them. Make sure to cover your surface so that everything doesn’t get a healthy dose of glitter. 


My supplies for this project cost about five dollars. I ended up returning the extra silver glitter because the little container of fine glitter covered just how I wanted it to and I didn’t need another craft thing hanging around the house.


Using a paint brush, cover all sides of the pumpkin with mod podge. If you want to do the stem, I recommend waiting until the pumpkin has dried. The stems are handy for handling (har har) the pumpkins while you’re coating them with mod podge and glitter.


You can cover the pumpkins with glitter many ways, depending on your technique selection. I chose to pour glitter overtop of the pumpkins, then rolling them in the extra that stayed on the paper towel. This way all the sides and ridges were covered, including the bottom of the pumpkin. You can also use your paintbrush and paint on the glitter, but I found that to be slightly gloopy.


And once you’ve let your happy, glittery pumpkins dry a bit, give them a good coat of hairspray. This will help your pumpkins stay intact and not mold glitter all over your house. Then…


place as you want and enjoy!


This craft cost maybe ten dollars total but the pumpkins are so sparkly that I don’t really mind paying that much. And it really didn’t take very long. My guess is that this project took about a half hour, start to finish. So why not bedazzle your fall decor?




**I mentioned the sad fact that your pumpkins can become moldy because I sadly discovered that one of my pumpkins didn’t make it very long. I smelled something gross, walked over to the table and saw it had some lovely growth to it. To be completely honest, I dropped one of the pumpkins when I was getting out of the car and didn’t keep track of which one it was. Pretty sure that I should have done a better job of keeping track and looking for possible scratches. This is my guess as to why it molded. The rest are intact and very happily displayed on the dining room table. So be careful! Or just use dollar store fake pumpkins. That way you can reuse them year to year!


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