Little Dose of Fall {Autumnal Yarn Wreath}

Just another quick post on another fall project.

In the past, I’ve made several wreaths for our front door. You can see the sweet “winter” one here and the happy daisies for spring here.

Since neither is appropriate for fall and it’s not quite time for my wintery frosted Christmas wreath, I figured another wreath needed to be made. So, I snatched up my craft store coupons and headed out. All you need to make a new, yarn wreath is: hot glue gun/sticks, one ball of yarn, wreath form or foam to make wreath form, embellishments. My craft store haul included a fall-colored yarn ball, some extra faux leaves, and a foam wreath form.

To make your own, simple wrap the yarn consistently around the wreath form. I typically pull a wrapped hand amount of yarn off the the ball, cut and use that for my sections. This way it’s not as difficult to feed through the center of the wreath and it saves you from possible knots. Make sure that your whole form is completely covered. Depending on your yarn, this could be very easy or more difficult. My white, winter wreath took several go arounds to make sure that it was thick enough. My happy, green spring wreath only required one time around because of how much volume the yarn had. Some yarns will camouflage much easier than others, so be aware of that when you’re making your purchases.

Wreath all wrapped. This yarn covered the wreath form really well, since it was so thick, so I didn’t need to do more than one go around.


Make sure that you’ve secured the ends well, so that they don’t distract from your awesome wreath, then add your embellishments! For the spring wreath I used scrapbook flowers and the winter white I used felted flowers and pom poms. For this wreath, as I mentioned, I used some faux leaves with colors that matched the yarn.

Ta da! All finished. Now this little thing happily hangs on our front door. We’re probably one of the only houses on the block with fall decorations on our door, but oh well!


If you would like to see pictures of each of the stages to make the wreath, click on one of the links above. Both wreaths are from my old tumblr page with how-tos. Enjoy!





PS- The wreath cost me less than ten dollars. With the coupons, my wreath form was about $4 and the yarn was $2.50. I already had the glue gun and glue sticks, plus some of the leaves. The other leaves were only 50 cents, because they were having a fall decor sale.


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