A Space of My Own {Moving the Office Out of the Kitchen}

Hey all,

I’m a bit out of commission for the next day or so, thanks to a very unhappy eye. So, please excuse any extra typos or run on sentences. I’m typing this post with sunglasses on, as to not aggravate the already upset eye.


S asked me a question the other day, which I’m sure he immediately regretted. He asked if there were any projects to do around the house. I had already been kicking around the idea of taking back a room for my own office, but which room? And what would that do to our guest rooms? I had just spent all this time updating the blue room. The green room looks adorable with the chair from my grandmother. But let’s be honest, one of them had to go. And if it had to be one, it was going to be the green room. It was the easiest to dismantle because the bed was smaller. So out went the mattress, boxspring, and bed frame. After spending a sweaty (GROSS) hour moving furniture several times, it was ready for an office. Or, well, I was ready for it to be an office. The biggest, and messiest, task was to move everything off and out of my desk.

Did that ALL come out of my desk? Whoops!

So our kitchen was taken over, temporarily, by all the things in my desk. I had to remove everything from the walls, purge and go through everything, and decide what will be moved upstairs. But don’t worry, after all that was moved out of the way, I planned to fill that wall. I’ve always hoped that we would actually be able to use our kitchen table, but for the most part it was a bit squishy to sit around. So a quick rearrange and…voila! It can fold all the way out and actually fit four people comfortably.

One- this was awesome positioning because it pretty much covers any wall holes from my desk and hanging etcetera. Two- it fits nicely near the cabinets so it’s like a continuation of storage (parfait!).


Three- It clears up the other wall so that the wine rack can go on this wall. Future plans include rehanging the white and metal shelf above for extra bar storage.


And now for the pre-mess/pre-clean up picture of my NEW office…

Look! Clean and empty! Just waiting to be organized.


And with all of my things that were all over the kitchen?

Ta da! All organized and everything.

We left the drawer bed in the room, just in case we need that extra guest space. So it now is a dual purpose room, part office, part guest room. The coolest thing, I think, is that because it’s technically a bedroom, it has a closet. And in this closet, the former owners left some of their organizers.

Some of my notions and writing utensils. They fit perfectly in the wire baskets, plus they get tucked away in the closet and don’t clutter up my desk top.


So overall, I am really happy to have a room to myself. This way, I’m not doing all of my projects on the floor in the living room. Now I’ll be doing all my projects on the floor in MY office. Hooray!








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