Weekday Treasure Hunting {Leesburg}

Hey all!

My job is pretty awesome. Not only do I get to work with the greatest kids, learning from them as they learn from me, I also get a very interesting schedule. My body has gotten very used to this schedule of breaks and holidays. It now knows right about the time I’m due for a holiday, so it completely shuts down. This requires several days of recovery, while off from school, before I can get to the fun things I plan for my breaks. And since last week, I’ve been out of school for a holiday. I’ll return to school next week, so I still have plenty to get done before then!

But because I was off, why not go treasure hunting during the week? I know that swaps, fleas, and barn sales are most popular on weekends, but some of the very cool stores are still open! Let’s get down to some of the awesome finds that were to be had in Leesburg, VA.

First, I stopped at the Leesburg outlets for some happy shopping. And by happy shopping, I mean updating my tired wardrobe. I think I wear the same five outfits. My friends have gotten used to the few dresses that I just throw on before going somewhere. It’s no joke. Other people think a dress means that you’re trying to get yourself together, but to me it’s a simple throw-it-on and you’re out the door option. And, in pure Ashley form, I ended up with another new dress. It’s jersey, simple, and I can just pull it on and go. Wahoo! Plus, I got two cute old navy cardigans. S thought it was true-to-form that I ended up with a dress and cardigans. Nothing really NEW, just a freshened up version of what I originally had. Oh well.

But a bonus for the Leesburg outlets? They have a Restoration Hardware furniture outlet. Now, RH is a BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL store. It, however, was never even a budget possibility for our house. Not to mention that sometimes the store comes off as those rooms that you never sit in because they’re too nice and just meant to be adored. They do, though, have some SUPER AWESOME things.

I’m a sucker for worldly styled objects…and mirrors. This guy was super expensive and about 10 feet tall. Who can fit this in their house?


I’ve drooled over these in the RH magazine for months. I have not, however, drooled over their price. This guy was about $300 on sale and probably a good 8 feet tall. Needless to say, he did not come home with me.


Other than $5 lamp shades, this was probably the best deal in RH’s outlet store. I’ve adored these types of chairs for YEARS. I’ve pinned them, searched for them on treasure hunting outings, but never been willing to spend the moolah on them. He was over $200 originally, marked to $96. Definitely tempting, but I couldn’t do that to my bank account.


So RH had some beautiful pieces, but not for our house. After finishing the happy shopping at the outlets, Stein Mart was the next stop. I’ve never gone to Stein Mart, so I didn’t really know what I was in for there, but it was worth the stop. Strangely, I only have one picture to show for the Stein Mart stop, but it’s definitely necessary.


Love the chevron shade and the color blue. Did not love that I had nowhere in the house to place this guy!


And on our way back, there were some great finds in a pink polka dotted silo.

There’s something to be said for a pink and black polka dotted silo in the middle of the country. And I think that thing to be said is “aaaaahhhh-dorable.”


Obligatory owl find! When I saw him, I had a feeling he had a different life before this store’s shelf. A quick study revealed he was an awful bronze that they sprayed!


This table almost came home for my grandmother. She’s been searching for the perfect eat in kitchen table and this really seemed like a winner. But the shape wasn’t what she was looking for and she was very iffy about it, so it stayed in the polka dot barn.


As exciting as the polka dot silo was, I left empty handed and headed on to the last stop. It was like a crazy pickers dream outside and a refined, staging decor store inside.

Outside barn/garage.


Another outside barn filled with goodies.


Be still my mid-century modern heart. I love you chair! But I couldn’t afford you.


Ah! Another one! But again, you were too rich for my blood.


These were VERY expensive, but very pretty. I could put them in several places in our house…if I bought them.


And another owl sighting. These were cute, dried gourds from Peru!


So other than the clothes, I really didn’t end up with anything for the house. BUT, it was a day well spent and thoroughly enjoyed. If you’re interested in checking out these places, click on the links below!





Pink Polka Dot Silo= On A Whim

Cool Garages and Barns and indoor design ideas= The Old Lucketts Store










One thought on “Weekday Treasure Hunting {Leesburg}

  1. i LOVE the first black mid mod chair SO much! and i LOVE those places on the way to Leesburg…I could move right into On a Whim…just set up house and live in the store lol. Even when you leave empty handed it is fun to look 🙂

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