Framing Fabric {Pinterest Project}

Hello all!

If you follow me on facebook, twitter, or instagram, you’ll know that I teased this post a couple days ago. Sorry about my late posting, but I forgot to publish this guy! Anyways, enjoy!


Ever wonder what to do with your extra fabric pieces from upholstery projects? You can sometimes end up with quarters that are not quite the right size for any projects. Until now! I’ve seen this idea on pinterest, Young House Love has discussed it (in their upcoming book!!!), and many other DIY blogs.

Our guest room is in a constant state of getting upgraded. First, it was my snazzy bench project. Then, the mirror getting a matching treatment and moving the old mirror back to the family room where it belongs. Now, it’s the walls! We had some sad, baren walls in that room. They were a cute blue color, so that wasn’t the issue. The issue was the emptiness of it all. I haven’t ever had anything on this monster of a wall, even before rearranging the room.

You can see the wall to the left, just a bit. This is prior to the mirror and bench project. Plus the cover on the bed is old!

It’s one of the first spots you can see when you walk up the stairs. Just a big, blue wall. Not so inviting and definitely not exciting to see when you might be staying as a guest (sorry guys!). So I decided that this needed to be remedied. I had plenty of fabric pieces from my bench project that I could use and a frame to start off. Needless to say, I got to work.

Step One: If you’re like me, and you just balled up your fabric and threw it back into the bag for storage (whoops!), you’ll need to iron out the fabric to make sure it’s nice and flat for framing.


Step Two: Measure and cut the fabric so that it fits into the frame and is centered the way you want on the matting.


Step Three: Place mat back into frame. Using a hot glue gun, place four beads of glue at each of the mat’s corners. Push fabric into the glue beads, pulling in opposite directions to make the fabric taunt.


Step Four: Replace frame backing, marvel at your awesomeness. Continue making framed fabric art until you have as many as you want! Arrange and rearrange until you get the collection you’re happy with and can hang.


Step Five: Hang your new art as you like! And yes, this time I did use a level AND a yard stick. I wanted to make sure that they were level and in a PERFECT straight line.


And yes, I’m aware that all my frames are not the same. I wanted it to be cool. Not only is it an odd number of frames (odd numbers are more pleasing to the eye), I wanted something to look like it was POPPING out of the wall. And now, when you walk up the stairs and look into that room, you see a nice, decorated wall!


Ta-da! This was a super simple and fun project. The not fun part? Hanging the pictures. I hate hanging things! Also cool side note, they reflect in the new mirror!


Project price breakdown:

Fabrics were scrap from my previous project- Free

Glue gun/sticks are always in stock at this house- Free

Frames- $15 for all five. I got the four similar frames in a pack from Bed, Bath, and Beyond, using a $5 off coupon. The 3-D frame was from IKEA and $1.99


So filling up a wall only cost me $15 and about a half hour to make all the framed fabric pieces? I’d say it was definitely worth it.






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