Treasure Hunting {The Saga Continues}

As always, I like to spend free time treasure hunting and searching for that much needed piece. Or, well, those much needed owl accessories. So here’s a few items that caught my eye on my last treasure hunting outing.

Owl lanterns. Loved them, but I did not buy them.


This guy was HUGE! My mother is actually behind him in this picture, but you’d never know!


A trio of owls. This was really cute, and though I love owls, this is definitely not our house’s style. So they stayed at the sale.


Now for the really cool finds, that make more sense and are better suited for the less owl obsessed.


Slightly overwhelming? Nah! Just a great digging experience!


This is what I mean by picking. Sometimes the man who owns the barn will tag things, other times he’ll just stack them and you’ll have to ask him what his price is on an item. These pieces weren’t for sale, YET, but hopefully when I go back they’ll be ready to go.


This couch needed so much help. It was missing some cushions, was disgustingly dirty, and was missing some of its veneer. I couldn’t help but be drawn to it’s geometric sides and feet. Sadly, we definitely don’t need a new couch, much less a project of that magnitude.


This little sign conjured up memories of Berenstain Bears books and “Girls rule, boys drool!” chants.


Upon taking this picture, my mother remarked, “are you in a bench phase now?” I do have to agree. I was really drawn to this bench. The fabric was leathery with the geometric embroidered pattern. Plus it was GREEN!


This light fixture was just entrancing. It was glass, but looked like a spun ball of yarn. I loved it, but where do you put something like that?


Hmmm, that fabric seems familiar! Apparently, I wasn’t the only one recovering chairs with this fabric. Besides that, I LOVED the black semi-gloss finish on the chairs. They looked great with the white laquer table that they had displayed with the chairs.


Overall, this was an exciting trip. My mother ended up buying two side tables for her family room and I got one of my two nightstands. Good hunting!





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