Project Rearrange {Family Room Update}

As I mentioned in the previous post, I created some more no-sew pillows for the family room. We have our lovely, new-to-us love seat, but the poor thing looked so sad and bare.

See? So sad and lonely. Plus the wall behind it was so bare!


It’s a great place to sit and watch tv but the arms were a bit uncomfortable with no extra pillows to cushion the sides. So I thought about going out to one of my favorite places to buy some pillows, but S said I would have more fun making some of my own. Which is completely true because he knows me so well. I ran out to JoAnn’s and picked up some fabric (on sale for $9/yard), some more iron on hem tape and pillow filler (about $10 total). I ended up getting the filler and hem tape from Walmart because it was just SLIGHTLY cheaper, but I’ve gotten it from JoAnn’s in the past.

I got to work following the same instructions from my previous post and voila! Happy pillows!


I love the geometric pattern. And I’m not going to pretend, each time I make new pillows, I get better at it. I’ve had to repair a couple corners on the pillows I made previously, but for these I got more heavy duty hem tape and really focused on getting the corners right.


But what you will also notice, is that these pillows did not make it onto the love seat.


Their new home is actually our tan couch.


They just didn’t look quite right on the blue love seat. Maybe it was the tan? Maybe it was that the blue shade was SLIGHTLY off from the love seat cover? Either way, I wasn’t a huge fan. I instead put them on our big, $15 tan couch and switched the original pillows to the love seat.


Now the love seat has some pillows. The pillows I bought as a two-pack from HomeGoods matched and blended really well with the blue of the love seat. They fit better on that than the ones I made, so there they will stay (for now)!


I also added that NYC canvas print to the wall. We’ve had it for a long time, since our first apartment, and its moved with us several times. Most recently it was on our mantle/corner in the family room, collecting dust. S and I both have a love/hate relationship with it, because we bought it together to decorate our first place, but it’s not really our taste. Luckily enough, the colors work perfectly for that room, so it will stay there. It also is a nice size to fill in that wall. So now, that big silver mirror from the guest room is in the mantle spot that the canvas was, and the canvas fills the wall. Funny how a $10 mirror project and a $19 pillow project can shape a room! Thoughts?





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