Where Does She Get It From?

Ever wonder why I busy myself with so many projects? I get it from my mother.

If you remember a few weeks ago, during one of my treasure hunting posts, my mother scored four awesome chairs for pretty cheap. Well, they were really awesome, but she really needed to recover them. They had a sad, discolored paisley pattern that included some pastels and really gross stains. Of course, as the old saying goes (maybe it’s only for boys but I’m changing it): like mother, like daughter. She popped those seats off, as I did with mine several weeks ago, and recovered them in a MUCH better fabric to match her decor.

Left is the updated, cleaned up version. Right is the previous fabric, pre-Murphy’s oil treatment on the wood.

I think that they needed a perked up look. With a little scrub, some new fabric, they look fantastic. She even mentioned that she might like them better than her original chairs (which is probably not true, but a nice sentiment at least).

Don’t they look great with the other original chairs?

It goes with the carpet, the living room furniture, the existing chairs. What a good choice!

The fabric is a great choice, not only because it matches many of the things my parents already had, but it’s also a bit simpler AND it has a fun textural element. Those circles are raised and oh-so touchable. I really like the choice. Plus the chairs are just right in terms of their scales and profile. They sit almost as high as the backs of the old chairs, so they blend really well. Plus with the wood design, they mimic the scrolls on the old chairs. All in all, a great upgrade. Go Mom!



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