A Change of Scenery {Room Planning}

This is a quick post, to introduce you to the newest member of our furniture family: Heidi the Highback Chair.

There she is!

She is a VERY high backed chair with subtle creme on creme stripes. She’s a narrow chair, but MAN was she difficult to transport. My grandmother, very generously, passed her along to us. She wasn’t needed in my grandmother’s living room anymore, so I happily took her (without really knowing where she was going to go or how I was going to get her there). As many of you know, I’m pretty hard headed and was set on getting this big gal into my civic. Well, after about a half hour struggle, a long scratch on my thigh and several quick maneuvers to switch the way she was going into the car, I had to call in the reserves. My dad (love you!) came with the small SUV. It’s like those kind of cars are MEANT to hold big things. Who woulda thought. And happily, by the time I got home with it, S was available to help with the carrying upstairs. All I had to do was hold the door (and the dog). And a decision on Heidi’s home was quickly made. Because of the color, and the size, I thought it would look best in our green guest bedroom.

Remember when I updated the room with curtains?

They plopped the chair in the guest bedroom, thinking that it would just fit. HA! When does that ever happen with this house? This caused another minor project to reveal itself. So here’s my bit about room planning. I love a bed by a window, especially if it has little to no headboard space. If it blocks the natural light of a window, it’s just not going to work. But the layout prior to Heidi’s arrival left a bit to be desired. It was nice enough, I guess, but I didn’t want both beds to have the same positioning in each guest bedroom (pushed in the corner, under the window). I had voted to put the bed coming out from the window originally, but that got vetoed. But you know what happens when I’m home alone? Furniture gets moved, that’s what. So I scooted that bed under the window, repositioned the dresser, faux dresser (that’s actually a fold out twin bed) and the shelves. I placed Heidi in her new home and, viola, a happy guest room was born!

Ta-da! Doesn’t it look so much more welcoming? Sans the unfortunate, wonky lampshade? Woops. But you can see Heidi, the bed, dresser, and faux dresser (adored with lantern).

Here’s another view of Heidi from the opposite side of the room. Doesn’t she fit right in?

I think Heidi looks great in this room. I love the juxtaposition of her with her subtle stripes and the fabric covered canvas with the shimmery tone on tone polka dots. This is definitely an updated Ashley bedroom (partially because most of this was in my dorm room, but it also just looks like me). But let’s be honest with ourselves here, I didn’t have a typical dorm room. We basically lived in castles (love you BMC!). So why not embrace my dorm left overs to make a cute guest room?

And yes, when I went back to get the bench from my last post, I got that owl print I longed for weeks ago. I just couldn’t help myself.

I like the darker wood frames in this room because they work well with the light and airy feeling of everything else. I have a shell mosaic mirror which is light and creme color, so a darker contrast is exactly what this room needs. I’m looking for similar frame styles for two Buckley Moss prints S and I received as graduation gifts (it’s already been three years!). They’re cute but we’ve never had them framed. I think this room would work perfectly for a couple more prints!

So, there’s Heidi’s new and updated home. What do you think?




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