And Finally, A Bench {Don’t Rain on My Projects}

Hi all,

Remember when the rain stopped me from bench re-doing awesomeness? Not today! Prior to our monsoon-like rains, I had already started this project. Like my dining room chairs, I took the seat off of the bench and removed the old cover. Then, I recovered it using upholstery nails (the original ones from the bench).

Removing the seat from the bench.


Woah, awful fabric that was under the already awful fabric. 


Re-using upholstery nails: partly because I don’t have a staple gun at my disposal, partly because it was easy to re-use the nails and holes that were pre-existing.

After less than half a yard of fabric, and some ironing to smooth the fabric, the seat ended up looking like this:

Ta-da! All nice and upgraded, if I do say so myself!

After, I dedicated my time to upgrading the base. As nice as the wood tones were, they didn’t match the room I wanted to put the bench in and it wasn’t in the best of shape. This piece had seen its day, YEARS ago, and looked like it had been dropped down the stairs (or hit really hard) in many places.

Sad little thing. It needed some love.


I took it outside, wiped it down, and gave it a good spray of primer. I wanted to make sure I started this process right and really took steps to make sure that it would look AWESOME when it was finished. I hit all the nooks and crannies, covering the piece with primer spray paint (Valspar brand).

All primed and ready to go.

Attempting to do right by this piece, I let it dry the perquisite amount of time before painting and was excited to start spraying those legs green. And then, weather had a different set of plans for my afternoon. I grabbed the bench base from outside, after drying for over an hour, to save it from the rain (or should I say, downpour?). And there it sat, sad and incomplete in our kitchen.

So close but still not done.

Yes, I could have left her with a white base. But what fun would that have been? She was meant to be a snazzy color, to pop against the stark black desk/vanity. But the weather was against me in the short term. I waited it out, entertained myself with other projects, and hoped for time to pass quickly.

Enter this afternoon.

After getting home from a car appointment and a full day of work, I STILL felt like getting right to work this afternoon. So with the beautiful weather on my side, I took action. I ran and grabbed the already primed bench base and got to spray painting. I chose a fun color of green, which matches an accent color in the new fabric cover that I attached a few days ago.

Not quite lime, more like a yellow-green.


She looks great from afar, but I don’t know why…



There are a few spots on this little beaut that have some issues. For whatever reason, the paint didn’t adhere to the primer? I didn’t even mix brands! The paint and the primer were Valspar! I will be immediately returning to my trusty Rustoleum. I should have never left you. How annoying.

But from afar, this gal looks good.

Look how happy she is!


See? I knew the green was a good idea.


All gussied up and in her new home.

She actually fits both ways under the desk/vanity. And while, functionally, she goes best as she is intended, I like that she tucks in long-ways for easy movement in the small room. And since I adore her, one more loving shot of here in her new place…

See? She fits! And looks happy!


Overall, this project cost me about $30. The bench was $20, which is a bit more than I would spend on a project piece of this size. However, I had the primer already (so free!), the spray paint was $3 and the fabric was $4.99 for half a yard (was $19.99/yard but I got it for $9.99/yard, on sale!). So she’s a bargain. Actually, when you think about it, she ended up costing about the same as the one I bought a few weeks ago. Interesting comparison, eh? What do you think? I may have an obsession with green benches but I can own that. It’s not an awful obsession to have, right?





4 thoughts on “And Finally, A Bench {Don’t Rain on My Projects}

  1. UGH! Kudos to you Ashley for seeing the potential in that HIDEOUS bench! She looks amazing now. How sad that that paint mishap occurred. I read that humidity or painting laquer over enamel paint can cause paint to wrinkle :/ weird…but overall… LOVE!

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