Dear Weather, We’re Not Friends {Rained Out Projects}

Hi all,

I apologize for the radio silence. I could list the ridiculous amount of excuses for not posting, but I’ll save you the effort of reading them. Today was supposed to be a slow day, a recovery day of sorts where I could finish some projects while I still had off from school. A day to get my mind off of things that I’d been dealing with since last week. Unfortunately, the weather and I didn’t agree on those terms. I had started a new bench project for our guest bedroom, but those plans got monsoon rained out.

See? She’s almost done! All that’s needed is a coat of awesome green paint for the base. But noooooo, rain must stop this plan.

I’ll post about her later when she’s finished, but I wanted to let you see what I had been up to in the bigger project realm. She was a sad little vanity bench that needed lots of love. Now she’s an unfinished project in our kitchen, which irritates me to no end. This little lady will have to wait until I can get to her, meaning sometime this weekend (I hope).

So needless to say, I needed something else to do (reading for my class or planning for the rest of the week of school were not options). I wrote several weeks ago about my whirlwind trip up to Connecticut for a funeral. I’m currently planning another trip up there soon, but in the meantime my mother and I received a package. It was a nice little box with a note from my uncle. He’s trying to go through all the possessions of my Aunt Claire and he found some of her costume jewelry. My mother and I are the only ladies in the family without pierced ears, so he filled a box with her costume clip-on earrings. I kept several because they’re my style and I’m sure I can get some use out of them. I also sorted out a few pairs that my mom overlooked but that she could probably keep and wear. Then, I was left with about 12 pairs of “not our taste” clip-ons. In his note he said we could donate them, but I hated to just let them go. I always remember my aunt being dressed with all her jewelry, bangle bracelets, earrings and all. Because it was up to us, I decided to make use out of them and give them a new life.


Yeah, not gonna wear any of those.

Let’s rewind a second to gain some background information. We recently had to upgrade our cable connection/billing, and surprisingly, the cheapest way to go was to get a home phone. We’ve never had a phone for the house and we didn’t really want one. The easiest jack to use was in the kitchen but plopped in the middle of a wall. It was just so noticeable, so awful. We got a little cheap cordless phone, but then all you could see were the hideous cables and cords. I needed a way to hide this old-school monstrosity. So, I sprayed an old cork board white to match the kitchen and leaned it against the wall. Cord problem solved. But now I needed some functional, but cool, push pins. Enter old costume jewelry earrings.

The before: these earrings are begging for a second chance at life.

So here’s a super easy tutorial on how to take your out of date clip earrings into this century.

Step one: snap off the clip backs.

Using the backend of a hammer, pry off the backing of the earring. This can be done with your hands, but some of the older jewelry is stubborn and won’t snap easily. I did about half with my brute strength (haha) and half with the help of the hammer.

Much better sans backing. Now it will be much easier to glue a tack onto the back!


Step two: gather your thumb tacks. I used gold thumbtacks, mostly because it’s all I had around the house. It also helped that the majority of the earrings I was using were “gold.” Heat up your hot glue gun and place a bead of glue on the head of the tack. Be careful here, not only because of the hot glue, but you’re putting a hot substance on metal. It can get a little iffy.

Place the tack with glue flush against the back of the earring. Hold until you can’t feel any movement between the tack and the earring. If it doesn’t fit on flush the first time, just wiggle with it (wiggle with it, wiggle with it, yeah).


Step three: marvel as your work cools before putting it into your pinboard.

See? So cool!


This whole project took me MAYBE a half hour. I had all the materials already, so it didn’t cost me a dime. Plus it was a great way to reuse something that would normally have just been given away.

A quick way to pay homage to someone you care about, reusing their things instead of giving them away. Thanks Uncle Bobby for sending the earrings. From MD, we love and miss you Aunt Claire. ❤


I promise to post soon about the bench, but until then, I’ll keep myself busy indoors and dry.






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