Treasure Hunting with the Husband

Hey all! It’s been so long! Have you missed me?

Nevermind, don’t answer that. I’m not sure I want to know (..unless it’s yes, then bring it on)!

This week has been super busy at school, working to get the classes into routines and practicing “school rules” is always difficult. It’s amazing to see how much progress they will make by the end of the year, but the beginning is always hard. Needless to say, I haven’t had much free time to write, think, or even do projects. My floors have gone unclean/unvacuumed, I finally got through some of the chore list, but there’s plenty to still get done.

Today, S had to take his car in for some repairs. He found a performance shop about an hour away from home that sounded like a good place, but it would take at least two hours to do. So, understandably, he asked me to come along. And by come along, I mean he bribed me with brunch once we dropped off the car (I’m a sucker for good diner food and a nice cup of coffee). What I also didn’t realize is that I would be driving separately and meeting him there because the performance shop was also several miles from any walkable town. So I made this trip a little more fun for me and forced the hubby to go treasure hunting around town while we waited for his car.


The first place was actually an accidental find. I tried to look up the town before, and their commerce page online, but didn’t really get very far. There were a few possibilities that popped up, but it’s such a small town that there are very few websites to find. We started our scavenger hunt at a little thrift store called The Spare Room.

 Although we don’t need ANOTHER big piece of furniture in our bedroom, he was pretty dang afforable ($125) and in good condition. Not to mention that he matches our current bedroom pieces.



He was somewhat afforable ($65), but not in great shape. I thought he might work as one of our nightstands, he was just a bit short and not quite cheap enough.



Another cool find, especially in its condition and for the price ($125). We don’t need another buffet, and it’s not really our style, but it was still pretty cool.


After that quick detour, we headed down the street to find a shop my husband wanted. That’s when I saw these:

The color is SO eye-catching!

Also eye-catching!

Can you imagine my reaction when I saw these from across the street? S laughed at me, alot, because of my insistance on us crossing the street immediately and seeking out those tables. Unfortunately, neither worked for anything we needed and so they were left. We did also see some other fun pieces at this store…

I’ll just swap out my current outdoor furniture…for a floral tiled table. That’s totally acceptable, right?


Apparently S does not share the same excitement for mid-century modern furniture. He thought this would be an awful choice for a side table/night stand.


He also gave me a funny look for taking this picture. I can’t decide why I like the lamp, but I do. The base was a metallic black finish and the shade had a knotty-tweed type of fabric. Too funny and strange to pass up (even though I did).


Unfortunately, my excitement for this store was quickly quashed upon walking through the door. I had such high hopes because of the things that caught my eye on the sidewalk. However, the inside of the store was kind of boring. More of a mix of estate furniture and newer pieces that lacked a lot of spunk. We didn’t stay very long because I didn’t find much to enjoy and drool over. But, as I said before, S’s car was going to take a while, so I found an antique mall that SAYS it is the largest in Maryland. SAYING and BEING are very different, we quickly found out, but it was probably the most successful outing of the day.

Not for our kitchen but I thought they were cool and quirky. The set was ceramic and all together, which was really nice to see! They were also in great condition for their age.


This old plink-o type game was out of our price range ($150) but still really awesome. He would look great in someone’s game room or rec room. I couldn’t convince S that the price tag was worth it though.


In the same vein as the above picture, this was also a piece of a game that could be an awesome decoration. This is a piece of glass from a vintage pinball machine. It was also in great condition, had lots of bold colors, and we love baseball. S wasn’t really into the $75 firm price tag and we weren’t really in the market for something like that, so we left it for someone else to take home and enjoy.



This was an old side window from the front of a soda shop. How cool, right? It was waaaaay out of budget (over $200) but it was too fantastic to not snap a picture.



As you can tell from some of my comments, we are born and raised Marylanders. One of the things that come with that territory is a love/hate relationship with the Colts. This was an AWESOME picture of the BALTIMORE Colts, blown up on canvas, but we didn’t want to shell out $100.


I’m still annoyed that this little lady didn’t come home with us. She was only $22.50 and in great shape. Plus, she would have been so easy to hang! I already knew where I wanted her to go! But alas, she did not come home with us.


A little creepy, no? I don’t remember the Beerwolf, but apparently he was a big deal. All I know is he kind of freaked me out. He did not come home with us.


I feel like these guys were begging me to take them home and spray them a new, happy color. Just like I did with the swans? Remember?


I bet you’re wondering at this point if we even ended up buying anything after all three stops. Well, we did! If you can believe it, S and I agreed on something/ended up with a couple things which all fall into a similar theme.

Yes, it is a child’s large (but it fortunately fits). And yes, it is a Cooley jersey. I know, I know, if you follow football, you know that he is currently not signed to the team. But I adore Chris Cooley, he is an amazing Redskin (current or not) and a class act. Plus, it was only $8.


Perfect for Sundays. These are vintage gift glasses that were being sold separate. Fortunately in that dealer’s booth, we were able to sort through and find four to make a set. Hope our friends like drinking out of these for our RedZone watching days!

Hey, it’s the season opener tomorrow and we have to be ready, right? So on the plus side, we now have a few more pieces of Redskins paraphernalia. On the downside, we still don’t have nightstands. I’m really going to have to work on that. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! If I get myself together enough, I’ll try to post about updating our photography collages around the house and a project stool for the guest bedroom. I just can’t make any promises!














One thought on “Treasure Hunting with the Husband

  1. On the subject of the Colts, having moved to Indiana, I get a real kick out of dressing my kids in Colts gear and taking them to Maryland. And if it says Indianapolis Colts, even better. I am a Colt’s fan, partially because of the history there and the fact that we both left Maryland to make things better, which just makes it even more amusing.

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