That Time of Year Again {Classroom Set-Up}

Why, hello there!

Though I haven’t posted on it EVER, I am a teacher in a private school. I teach kindergarten, the youngins’, and they’re just lovely. Well next week is staff meetings for all the teachers, so that’s when I plan to do the most to my room. I did have a few meetings the last couple of weeks, and because it’s a huge commute to get to work, I used some of that time at school to start the set-up process.

Luckily, I left my classroom in a pretty good state. I had to pack up my desk and some of the odds and ends around the room because our floors were cleaned this summer but otherwise everything was intact. This is a huge step up from last summer, which I spent a majority of August cleaning up after a retired teacher who, well…didn’t like to let things go (that’s the most polite way to describe her room). There were multiples of everything, papers everywhere, and it was an OCD person’s nightmare. Needless to say, I was on the verge of tears every time I needed to complete part of the classroom clean up. It took industrial sized trash cans on wheels to clean out that space. It also took a majority of the last month of my summer AND I didn’t get paid for it (but I did get a really sweet plant from my principal, so all is good in the world). So basically, this summer was my anti-going-into-school summer. I refused and I’m waiting until the last minute to really be in there and work. I did, though, have some time to spare on Wednesday after I had a meeting, so did a little sprucing up in the room.

I started by putting up new bulletin board paper on my math board. Then, I added the position/opposites, which is our first math unit of the year.

This took no time at all because I thoughtfully kept the old paper to use as a measurement for the new. I could just roll out the new paper onto the old and cut away! No help necessary for this project. Then I saved the old border from last year and just put it back in the right spots. That took a little more time because I didn’t label the sides that each piece belonged on. So basically, it was a big paper puzzle.

I also started sprucing up this board. I took down our old behavior management charts to make space for the new one. I’m switching it up a bit more, so this will look different in the next school posting. I also added all of our calendar days and the coordinating (by color) month.

This bulletin board is staying pretty much intact, as are most others. I was lucky enough to not have papers sun bleach, so they don’t really need replacing. The only reason the math board got changed was because I had a very active kiddo who got his hands on a corner and ripped it right off in one spot. Unfortunate, of course, but this also allowed me to put up a pretty purple paper instead. So, blessing in disguise?


Our hallway bulletin board got a spruce-up job with help from my co-teacher. We decided on bees because it’s easy, pretty popular to find materials for, and well we’re in kindergarten so we are really “busy as bees.”

Sorry for the blurry pictures. I just realized I apparently used the shakey cam to take these! But this is just the beginning. I’m in the swing of the at home projects I can do for the room (name plates, hall passes, name stickers, etc.) so those will be joining this post in my “Kindergarten/Education” category tab! But for now, I’m going to enjoy my last weekend of summer. Where did all the time go!?





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