A Big Sigh of Relief {Finished Project}

It’s been a saga, an epic adventure of sorts. But I am happy to announce that the living room side tables and coffee table are finally finished. After several coats of polyurethane and some new hardware, they’re finished! They’re really done! No more sanding, staining, painting! I’m elated (and exhausted)!

These are the side tables, drying under the deck. Don’t they look amazing?!

No more awful damaged 1960’s varnish on the coffee table!

But I’m sure you’re sick of seeing these pieces out of their normal home. So here are a few peeks of them in their rightful spots in the living room.

Holding up our lamp (which I recovered with fabric) and the poker set. Looking good!

Hanging out next to Little Karl. Also looking good!

And, of course, the coffee table is approved by Truman.


Not only did this trio get an upgrade in color and stain, they also got a hardware upgrade. This is where I splurged a bit. I couldn’t bring myself to buy the ehhhh, okay handles that were several dollars cheaper (each) because I spent so much time making the tables look so nice! I liked that the handles actually echo the stacked detail on the legs of the tables and the louvers on the sides of the coffee table. It was like these handles were MADE for this project. Did I mention that they actually fit the existing holes so I didn’t even have to drill or fill holes?

New handles. See? The extra cost is totally worth the payoff.

So let’s look at the breakdown:

Sander– Borrowed from Jo (thanks!)

Sandpaper- $6.00, I went through an entire pack of handheld sander paper

Handsanding supplies- $10. This was for the hand-guide, paper, tack cloth, etc. that I used at my futile attempts to do this project by hand.

Stain and Polyurethane-$12 for a quart of stain and polyurethane

Hardware- $20. This is where I cringe a bit, because it could have been $15 or $12 if I had gone with the cheap handles, but I just couldn’t do it.

Total= Roughly $48

I think that’s a huge pay-off for under $50. We didn’t have to buy replacement furniture, I gave family pieces a new life in our house, and I’m happy with the product. Plus, I can now invite people over to ooh and ahh at my handiwork. What do you think?





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