Slow Day {But Still Productive}

Hey all!

Today’s weather was not super cooperative, so I didn’t get as much done as I would have liked. I tried to clean a bit around the house and once I thought it was an appropriate time to head out and make lots of noise, I got to work. I sanded down the last side table and stained it to match the other side table and coffee table.

The last sucker to be sanded and stained. This is about halfway through sanding. 

Gosh, I really underestimated the difficulty of this project. Because the sanding takes so long, even with an electric sander, I was only able to sand and stain before the rain rolled in. Each piece takes well over an hour to sand, plus the time to stain and get all those little nooks and crevices. The side table today took over an hour and a half to sand (it was not my friend) and then the staining was about an hour as well.  I wasn’t able to polyurethane all the pieces like I had planned, so that will have to wait until tomorrow. But hopefully, weather cooperating, I will be able to fit that in to my list of tomorrow to-do’s.

They’re all waiting for poly…in our kitchen. Oy.

Do I sound a little whiney? It might be because I’m reaching that part in the summer where I realize it’s almost over. I’ll be back to teaching in a couple of weeks and it’s hard to believe that my break is finally over! Plus, my graduate school class starts tomorrow, so I’m really being forced back into the swing of things. Wow this summer did zoom by this year. BUT, happy moments! Happy news! Our cushion covers finally came in for our new loveseat.

Voila! Pacific blue! Sorry they’re a little crooked. I was just so excited to put them on and stick them on the loveseat, I didn’t pay attention to how the cushions were fitting. Plus, this is a great picture to see the side table that I also stained! Success!

Oh well, I’m just going to have to keep powering through this summer, checking things off of my summer vacation to do list. One last project at a time…





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