Pinterest Project {No Sew Pillows}

I pinned this about a week ago when I saw it pop up on the DIY section. I’ve been dying to add some more pillows and life to the living room. And on a rainy day, I figured today would be the day to add that to the living room! I headed off to JoAnn’s (again) to pick out some more fabric and iron on hem tape. I found some awesome geometric fabric, which was on sale, and the tape and I was ready to go! I already had a pillow form and filler at home, so this was a pretty cheap trip (about $15).

Getting it all together!

I brought down the iron and the ironing board to the living room to get myself some space. Since the coffee table isn’t totally finished, there was a nice spot to set up shop and still have the noise of the tv to keep me entertained. First, I measured my fabric and double checked that the size would fit around the pillow with space to spare. Then, I cut the two pieces I would need to make the pillowcase. Put the first piece face up, add the tape around the edges, then the second piece face down (backside out). Iron, iron, iron.

Ironing, first round.

Ironing another pillow…

I think this is where I had the most trouble. I thought that I had gotten powerful enough hem tape, but apparently I got the weak version. Since I was also making pillowcases with left-over upholstery fabric, it didn’t adhere as well as it did with the apparel fabric I found today.

You only need to trim three sides with the iron on hem tape, then flip it right-side out and pop the corners. After you do that, add the pillow or the stuffing and finish off the final side. If I had the heavy duty tape, I would have finished most of the fourth side, then added the filling. This would have been less troublesome and difficult. Unfortunately, I kind of had to find my way once I realized that the tape didn’t adhere as necessary. I basically had to double up on the tape to secure the sides and I used the whole roll for five pillows. It was many…many yards of hem tape to get those suckers done. But I’m really happy with all of the pillows.

I, unfortunately, had to piece this guy together. He was a project from several weeks ago that didn’t hold up.

The biggest pillow was done by the upholsterer with the extra fabric from Lou, but the two little grey pillows and the geometric pillow was all me!

Big momma geometric pillow and little baby scraps pillow.


Overall, I’m pretty happy with the outcome. We got some awesome new pillows out of it and it was a nice rainy afternoon project. It didn’t take too long per pillow, so that’s also a plus. ANNNND since some of the fabric was remnants from Lou and Barry, it was a pretty cheap overhaul (less than $20 total). Win, win! Hopefully, I can get back to staining and finishing up the tables for the living room tomorrow. We’ll see how the weather cooperates.




2 thoughts on “Pinterest Project {No Sew Pillows}

  1. very nice! i think i repinned this from you and i too have purchased tape that wasn’t strong enough, i was using it for a table runner (that i since washed and ruined) but i ended up giving up and hand stitching it 😦 I need to get some advice before my next tape purchase

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